Abby Viduya and Jomari Yllana Young Love Story

Abby Viduya and Jomari Yllana Young Love Story

Abby Viduya and Jomari Yllana Young Love Story – In the case of lifelong lovers Jomari Yllana and Abby Viduya (also known as Priscilla Almeda), who were reunited after 30 years apart, the adages “First love never dies” and “Love is lovelier the second time around” were once again accurate.

Abby Viduya and Jomari Yllana Young Love Story
Abby Viduya and Jomari Yllana Young Love Story

Jomari and Abby first fought when they were both fifteen years old, although the conflict only lasted nine months. While filming “Guwapings: The First Adventure” under the direction of Joey Javier Reyes for Regal Films in 1992, the two acknowledged that their relationship was love at first sight.

Abby Viduya and Jomari Yllana Young Relationship

The two young co-lead performers in “Guwapings…” did not make Abby deny how she felt. Eric Fructuoso and Mark Anthony Fernandez both caught his attention, but he was more drawn to Jomari because of her chatty eyes. Abby, who is now 45 years old and the same age as Jomari and Eric while Mark, who is 43, is the youngest in the group, stated, “Eric is foolish and I treat Mark like an elder brother.

Although they were still young and did not engage in formal courtship, they were aware of one another’s viewpoints. But when the complete group of “Guwapings” traveled to Hong Kong along with Mother Lily Monteverde, the Regal matriarch, some production workers, the entertainment press, and the Bench group headed by Ben Chan, they formally fell in love there. Two of their coworkers have now been honest, and Abby has also introduced Jomari to her family and herself.

While Abby was hired by Robbie Tan’s business, Seiko Films, where she was converted into a sexy star and changed her screen name to Priscilla Almeda, Jomari remained with Regal Films. Abby was introduced to the late star builder and Master Showman German ‘Kuya Germs’ Moreno by Seiko Films producer Robbie Tan. She joined the old youth-oriented program “That’s Entertainment” where she stayed for less than two years.

Abby made her film debut in the Seiko Films sexy-drama “Sariwa,” which was followed by “Sabik sa Halik,” “Halimuyak ng Babae,” and other films. Additionally, she appeared in Jesse Ejercito’s 1999 film “Sutla” through Crown Seven Productions.

“Batang West Side,” which was helmed by Lav Diaz and starred Yul Servo, Joel Torre, and Gloria Diaz, was Abby’s most recent film. When Abby learned that she was her family’s adopted daughter, she was almost 17 years old. Only then did he discover that Leah Bromley and veteran radio DJ Rudolf Rivera were his biological parents.

Abby did not deny that she rebelled, even though she finally met her biological parents and stayed with her adoptive parents (who treated her like their own daughter). She abandoned her show business career for the same reason, worked in Japan before relocating to Canada, where she remained until her showbiz comeback in 2019. She has two children in Canada with his most recent partner and an older daughter from a prior relationship who is now in her 20s.

Jomari Bio

Jomari entered the entertainment industry in his early teens, following in the footsteps of his older brother, actor-comedian and politician Anjo Yllana.

His debut film, “Regal Shocker: The Movie (Aparador),” was made when he was just 12 years old. This was followed in 1991 by “Emma Salazar Case,” “Shake, Rattle & Roll III,” and “Hihintain Kita Sa Langit.” If their leading lady was alone, the 15-year-old then Abby Viduya who had just arrived from Canada where she was raised by her adoptive parents in “Guwapings: The First Adventure,” Mark Anthony Fernandez and Eric Fructuso of Regal Films simultaneously launched them in the new teen matinee idols “Guwapings” through “Guwapings: The First Adventure” in 1992.

After “Guwapings: The First Adventure” and “Guwapings Dos” in 1993, Regal Films split off Jomari, Mark Anthony, and Eric as individual performers. They quickly rose to fame as instant teen matinee idols.

Jomari acknowledged that during the “Guwapings” era, based on the cries of the crowds everywhere they performed, Eric was considered to be the most well-known of the three, but as solo performers at the time, they had their own brand.

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