After BA which course is best in India for job 2023

After BA which course is best in India for job 2023

After BA which course is best in India for job 2023 – A student’s job choice is among the most important ones. After receiving their bachelor’s degree, graduates must decide between getting a job and continuing their studies. People with degrees in the arts stream can choose from a wide range of postgraduate programmes after receiving a BA. So, if you have a Bachelor of Arts degree, here is a detailed list of the courses you could take after it to expand your career options and learn more about your field of interest.

What is BA?

If you are currently fumbling around attempting to select the best professional courses after your BA, you need to take a moment and think. The best method for choosing the right career path is to think long-term. If you want to excel in your job, make sure the field you chose is one you will enjoy for the rest of your life. In ten years, the future you picture today can look very different. However, if you follow the advice in this article, you can be sure that whatever career path you choose will be the best one. What actions do you take to choose your career path?

You must first take a deep breath and start to ponder. You may do this by posing a few important questions to yourself. What activities do you really enjoy? What do you do well? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are the most important goals in life? What principles guide you? You will receive advice from these questions and be able to better understand the difficult and daunting world of employment.

In terms of graduation possibilities for higher education as well as employment options across many industries, the BA is one of the most diverse programmes. Depending on the BA specialisation they select, the student will be able to seek pertinent work in their sector or the appropriate course for further education. A BA graduate has a wide range of alternatives, including both employment and further education.

Which post is best after MBA?

Business Management

The goal of a Diploma in Business Management, which is commonly offered as a one-year short-term course, is to equip students with understanding of the numerous business activities as well as the fundamental management principles. Students are taught the knowledge and skills they need to successfully manage an organisation, as well as the chance to explore the numerous business and management specialties.


Platforms other than TV and radio that were previously exclusively considered to be a component of broadcast media are increasingly gaining popularity as technology has developed and new forms of entertainment have been created. We can claim that this field is intrinsically tied to internet streaming, digital journalism, podcasts, blogs, and advertising websites.


After receiving a BA, many people who desire to continue their education select the Bachelor of Laws, or LLB. The three-year course of study provides in-depth instruction in a variety of topics, including legal analysis, environmental law, arbitration, insurance law, and the Consumer Protection Act. After completing the course, you can pursue an LLM, begin practising law after becoming a member of the required organisations, or work in the public or private sectors.

Library and Information Science

The Bachelor of Library and Information Science degree helps to partially meet the demand for human resources in the field of library and information activities. These persons hold a range of positions in libraries, documentation centres, and information centres. Both the course requirements and the need for particular skills have evolved over time.

Business Process Outsourcing

Due to the liberalisation of the Indian economy and the globalisation of many sectors, young people today have access to a variety of career options. Young individuals can now find plenty of BPO jobs in the field of information technology.

A number of high-end contact centres have popped up across our country’s cities as India has grown in popularity as a place for business process outsourcing (BPO). With the advent of various multinational firms, India now has numerous employment opportunities.

Civil Services

One of the most difficult UPSC Exams utilised to identify young, capable candidates for a range of administrative roles is the Civil Service Examination. The three steps of the process include interviews, preliminary exams, and main exams. For the preliminary test, a candidate must read through two objective-type question papers.


Usually, when we think of a writer, we picture someone who uses creativity to express their opinions. What if we told you that it is currently a respectable profession that offers a reliable paycheck and actually puts money in your pocket? It’s possible to work in creative writing if you have a degree in literature. You are required to write films, songs, speeches, poetry, and other pieces of English literature. As is to be expected, they are paid more than respectably.

Public Administration

Usually, when we think of a writer, we think of someone who uses creative writing to communicate their thoughts. What if we told you that it is currently a real job that actually pays you and provides a steady income? The answer is that you can work in creative writing if you have a degree in literature. You’ve been tasked with writing scripts, songs, songs, poems, and other literary works in English. As is to be expected, they are paid more than adequately.

Which cousre is best after MBA?

Master of Arts

A master’s degree in the arts is one of the most preferred employment options for BA graduates after graduation. If you want to gain more in-depth knowledge about the areas you studied, pursuing a Master of Arts degree could be a great choice for you.

While pursuing a Master of Arts, you will have the chance to learn more about the subjects you studied during your Bachelor of Arts.

In general, you’ll learn more in-depth information about the topics you’ve selected. MA programmes are the best choice for people who desire to continue their studies and register in doctorate or M.Phil. degrees. With an MA, you can expand your knowledge of a subject and get more sophisticated options in those sectors.

Master of Business Administration

The formal designation is Master of Business Administration, or MBA. An MBA is one of the most popular post-bachelor’s degree options among Indians. Basically, an MBA gives students a lot of employment choices, which is why it is generally recommended.

By studying for your MBA and understanding how to resolve business issues, you will develop managerial abilities. A MBA not only broadens your pool of potential employers, but it also strengthens your negotiating position.

In the MBA programme, you will study management, administration, and organisation. You will improve your capacity for problem-solving and scaling business-related challenges.

An MBA may open up a number of professional doors. Leadership opportunities are available in business development, marketing, human resource management, and finance. The need for MBA professionals is enormous. Whether they are little businesses or major organisations, everyone requires their services.

Master of Journalism and Mass Communication

The best and most well-liked course available to students after receiving a BA is journalism. In journalism, the data must be obtained and presented via a variety of mass channels. Journalists discuss other pertinent topics while reporting on the news in written, oral, and visual forms. They can choose a certain industry niche (such as crime, politics, sports, entertainment, business, and finance), or they can focus on a specific media (such as print, broadcast, or digital).

A traditional six-semester BA degree will serve as your entry point into the working world. In addition, you should try to gain some practical experience in industries like publishing, radio, etc. if you want to work in journalism. Relationships with people from different backgrounds will also be important.

Master of Fine Arts 

A master’s in fine arts, design, or creative writing is a graduate degree that focuses on visual and performing arts, design, or creative writing. It appeals to people who are interested in learning more about a certain artistic profession or creative field and are passionate about doing so. In an MFA curriculum, students learn by doing, obtaining firsthand knowledge of their area, its history, statistics, and well-known works.

Many people, including authors, editors, playwrights, dancers, actors, painters, and sculptors, choose to earn an MFA. Others use their postgraduate degrees to instruct college pupils.

Masters/PG Diploma in Digital Marketing   

Because of technological advancements and rising social media usage, digital platforms have essentially developed into “new markets” for companies and service providers. The Diploma in Digital Marketing is a popular short-term study among people interested in the sector. Before, it was believed that the only path to high-paying careers was through an MBA in Digital Marketing. a diploma program that places a strong emphasis on abilities that postgraduates and recent graduates around the world find to be in great demand. People who complete it are skilled in content production, SEO optimization, web building, marketing automation, blogging, and social media marketing. It is frequently taught as a certification programme around the world.

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One of the most sought-after post-BA career options is in law. To practise law in India, one must have a Bachelor of Legislator Law (LLB). After completing this course, you are eligible to practise law. Options abound for those with an interest in the judiciary. If you have an LLB, you can work as a legal advisor for organisations and companies. Studying for the Judicial Services Exam and working towards becoming a judge are two additional popular career options.

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