Alejandro Martí Wikipedia, Wiki, Biography, Bio, Net Worth, Hijo, Esposa

Alejandro Martí Wikipedia, Wiki, Biography, Bio, Net Worth, Hijo, Esposa

Alejandro Martí Wikipedia, Wiki, Biography, Bio, Net Worth, Hijo, Esposa -: Social media was used to spread the news of the man’s passing who once told the political elite, “If you can’t, resign.”

Alejandro Martí Wikipedia, Wiki, Biography, Bio, Net Worth, Hijo, Esposa
Alejandro Martí Wikipedia, Wiki, Biography, Bio, Net Worth, Hijo, Esposa

Alejandro Mart, the 73-year-old creator of Deportes Mart and the Sport City network of athletic clubs, has passed away. Mexico SOS, the civil organization he created in 2008 following his son Fernando’s death at the hands of his captors, confirmed the news.

Orlando Camacho Nacenta, general director of México SOS, said in a statement, “He leaves us a legacy of courage by standing at the forefront of a fight against insecurity and injustice as a result of the tragedy experienced with his son Fernando and a permanent activism and citizen commitment to make our country a place where we can live in peace.”

Who Is Alejandro Martí?

For more than 20 years, the businessman oversaw Grupo Mart, which was established in 1936 by Domingo Mart Riera and his son Domingo Mart Fortn, who opened the company’s first location in the nation’s capital. Because of the abundance of imported goods on its sales floor in 1950, the store’s prominence emerged.

When the 1968 Summer Olympics were held in Mexico, Alejandro Mart, the group’s founder’s grandson, saw an opportunity for the family business and set up a sports stand in the Olympic Village. He later opened stores in different areas of the city, including Plaza Universidad, Insurgentes, and Plaza Satelite, giving birth to Deportes Mart.

The group opened the first Sports City Eureka sports club in 1991, with Alejandro Mart in charge of the family business.

Seven years later, the billionaire launched Mart Outlet, a new phase for his sporting goods outlets. The decision by Alejandro Mart to sell Grupo Mart to industrialists Alfredo Harp Hel and Alfredo Harp Calderoni in 2007 shocked the business world in the country. They offered 6,067 million pesos for 100% of the company.

In 2018, the businessman had to deal with the selling of the family company as well as the kidnapping and death of his son; following this, the businessman dedicated the rest of his life to activism.

Mexico SOS’s creator

Alejandro Mart formed the Observation System for Citizen Security (SOS), a civil organization fighting insecurity, following the 2008 murder of his 14-year-old son at the hands of a kidnapping ring known as “La Flor.”

Since then, the businessman has attracted media attention by calling for action from the government and saying, “If you can’t, resign.”

After recounting some of his family’s experiences following the kidnapping and murder of his son Fernando, the founder of Deportes Mart, he said at the time that despite the tragedy, he would stay in Mexico and work to make sure that there weren’t any more instances similar to this.

She said 15 years ago, “We cannot allow cowards to continue acting with impunity, which is total in this country and which invites and encourages crime. If we take responsibility and capture the criminals, we imprison them honestly and bravely, impunity will end.”

Alejandro Mart sold the emporium he had built since he was a young man so that the business could keep developing. Grupo Mart, with its sporting goods outlets and the Sport City chain of health clubs, increased in value following the purchase, in which the Harps paid 3,300 million pesos for 44.44% of the shares.

expressing sympathy

The cause of the businessman’s son’s death has not yet been made public, despite the involvement of many prominent persons in public life, including former President Felipe Calderón (who was in office when the businessman’s son was abducted).

Alejandro Mart, a businessman, and activist, passed away, and José Antonio Meade, a former secretary of energy, also reported this.

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