Alexis Von Hoensbroech Wikipedia, Net Worth, Westjet salary, Family, Wife

Alexis Von Hoensbroech Wikipedia, Net Worth, Westjet salary, Family, Wife

Alexis Von Hoensbroech Wikipedia, Net Worth, Westjet salary, Family, Wife – Alexis von Hoensbroech remembers his first experience with the Canadian cold with affection. He was in Calgary for the first time after accepting the position of president of the second-largest airline in the nation.

Alexis Von Hoensbroech Wikipedia, Net Worth, Westjet salary, Family, Wife
Alexis Von Hoensbroech Wikipedia, Net Worth, Westjet salary, Family, Wife

The city that WestJet calls home is tucked away in the eastern Rocky Mountain foothills. The prairies see several months of chilly winds that can bring blizzards that can drop half a metre of snow in a matter of hours.

“It was minus 30 degrees when we landed here in January,” he claims. “My wife requested that we end my contract,” A summer heat wave six months later left a similar impression. “It was a really impressive 60-degree Celsius temperature swing,” he sneers. Von Hoensbroech was busy planning a revamp that he hopes will restore some pride to the city’s pandemic-damaged hometown airline while Calgary moved from cold to oppressive.

How Alexis von Hoensbroech is reestablishing WestJet’s foundation

He is determined to concentrate WestJet’s activities locally and return it to its low-cost roots now that Covid-19 is largely in the past.

Naturally, the epidemic has left its mark on our balance sheet, he admits. “And we need to think carefully about how to put it back on.”

In February, the German national who holds a PhD in astrophysics replaced Ed Sims as the airline’s chief executive. Sims had been in charge of the firm for three years, seeing it through the difficult and terrible Covid-19 crisis that reduced WestJet to a mere shell of what it once was, as well as its transformation from a publicly traded to a privately held corporation, which promised more financial security. Sims left her job in December.

Von Hoensbroech arrived with knowledge of the European industrial landscape. He has worked for the Lufthansa Group for 16 years, and prior to taking the helm of Austrian Airlines as CEO and CFO in 2018, he served as chief commercial officer at Lufthansa Cargo.

He found himself looking for a change after successfully guiding the medium-sized carrier through the coronavirus tragedy. I recently reached 50, and at that point, you start to question whether you want to continue or whether you want to go on something new.

In 1996, WestJet was established as Western Canada’s budget airline to compete with the nation’s two largest flag airlines, Air Canada and Canadian Airlines. WestJet’s logo is a stylized maple leaf in teal and blue. WestJet spent years expanding after Canadian failed in 2001, though not without making a few mistakes along the way. WestJet began as a Southwest Airlines imitation before making the transition to a fully diversified airline with a global presence. It had a fleet of only Boeing 737s when it went public in 1999.

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Calgary is located in Alberta, which has the third-largest gross domestic product in Canada and an oil and gas-based economy. It is well known for hosting the Calgary Stampede, the largest rodeo in the world, each July. From the start, WestJet was determined to operate differently from its rivals based east of the country’s financial and political hub. To the joy of both customers and employees, the airline’s DNA was infused with the wild-west atmosphere of the Canadian Rockies.

86% of “WestJetters” owned shares in WestJet for more than 20 years after the airline was founded, making up a portion of the company’s ownership. After many anxious years spent meeting the demands of the short-term financial market, that came to an end in December 2019 when the airline was taken private by the Toronto-based private equity group Onex Partners.

The sides kept the details of the agreement under wraps, although Onex invested a total of around C$345 million ($263 million) in equity.

He declares, “I was pleased with this business success story of WestJet – starting with three aircraft 26 years ago and being the home airline of Western Canada. “I appreciate that it is a privately held business in a vibrant entrepreneurial community. I believed, “This is the ideal airline to work for, to develop, to maintain the success it had prior to the pandemic and take it to new heights.”

The transformation of WestJet actually started in 2014, when the airline entered the transatlantic market with four used Boeing 767s and little prior knowledge of the complexity of global networks, wide alliances, and seamless connectivity. The airline quickly ran into problems, and its profitability dropped.

However, under Sims’ direction, WestJet once again emerged as a major player on both the local and international markets, with a sizable operation between the United States and Canada.

WestJet takes receipt of the first of ten Boeing 787 Dreamliners in 2019, launching a direct frontal assault on Air Canada, a considerably larger and much older heritage rival.

WestJet carried 26 million passengers in the same year, which was a record for the airline. By the beginning of 2020, the carrier’s network has grown to 98 locations across 22 nations in the Americas, the Caribbean, and Europe.

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