American Born Chinese Full Story

American Born Chinese Full Story

American Born Chinese Full Story – Kelvin Yu created the American action comedy television series American Born Chinese for Disney+. It follows Jin Wang (Ben Wang), a tenth-grader who is striving to fit in with his peers. When he is tasked with touring incoming exchange student Wei-Chen (Jimmy Liu about, he finds himself unexpectedly drawn into a conflict between mythical Chinese gods such as Sun Wukong (Daniel Wu) and Guanyin (Michelle Yeoh). The series is based on Gene Luen Yang’s 2006 graphic novel American Born Chinese, which was inspired by his own adolescent years in the 1990s and incorporates aspects from Chinese folk tales and mysticism found in the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West.

American Born Chinese Full Story
American Born Chinese Full Story

American Born Chinese Story

American Born Chinese follows teenage Jin Wang (played by Ben Wang), the son of Chinese immigrants who is, for the most part, an ordinary high school student. He collects manga, attempts to join the football team, and is on a journey to understand who he is while he deals with his own identity. Wei-Chen (Jimmy Liu), an exchange student, comes to Jin’s school one day. Wei-Chen, unlike Jin, did not grow up in America, is naturally loud and open, and does not share Jin’s self-doubt and fears. Jin is often embarrassed to be linked with Wei-Chen, who is completely different.

Wei-Chen is revealed to be the son of Sun Wukong (played by Daniel Wu), a legendary person in Chinese literature known as the Monkey King.[3] Wei-Chen had a dream that the mythical Fourth Scroll could put an end to a rebellion against Heaven. The dream also foretold that an average adolescent would assist him in his pursuit. So Wei-Chen stole his father’s magical staff and is now in earthly California, dressed as a high schooler, looking for the scroll, confident that Jin is the ordinary youth from his prophetic dream.

American Born Chinese Cast

Ben Wang plays Jin Wang, a Chinese-American 10th grader at Sierra Mona High School.
Jin’s mother Chin Han plays Simon Wang, and Jin’s father Ke Huy Quan plays Jamie Yao, a former actor known for playing the accident-prone Freddy Wong in the sitcom Beyond Repair.
Sun Wukong’s son, Wei-Chen, is played by Jimmy Liu.
Sydney Taylor plays Jin’s love interest, Amelia, while Daniel Wu plays Sun Wukong, a Chinese historical figure known as the Monkey King.
Michelle Yeoh in the role of Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy

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