Andres Gracia Wikipedia, Death, News, Net Worth, Age

Andres Gracia Wikipedia, Death, News, Net Worth, Age

Andres Gracia Wikipedia, Death, News, Net Worth, Age – On his Instagram page, Andrés Garcia declared that he had gotten a blood transfusion and was recovering after being hospitalised on April 9. However, it has since come to light that the young model from Just Fans’ visit would have made her uncomfortable.

Andres Gracia Wikipedia, Death, News, Net Worth, Age
Andres Gracia Wikipedia, Death, News, Net Worth, Age

To work together for the actor’s YouTube channel, Karely Ruiz visited Andrés Garcia at his house in Acapulco, Guerrero, one day before he was brought to the hospital. According to the 21-year-old influencer, he urged him to sit on his legs while they talked.

He treated me like a queen and told me to stand up so I could go for a walk. He requested me to sit on his legs, and I said, “Who am I to say no?,” the model told TVNotas.

The young woman was thrilled to live with the actor because Karely Ruiz revealed to TVNotas that Andrés Garca is her long-term platonic love. According to this same publication, she “looked at him enthralled and laughed at everything he said.”

In the magazine photos, the actor was seen holding the Only Fans model by the waist, which instantly sparked hospitalisation rumours. It was claimed that Andrés Garcia was so delighted to live with Karely that he would have been unstable.

Karely Ruiz is well-liked in Monterrey for her television appearances, one of which is the show Es Show, in addition to producing content for Just Fans. The content producer for Just Fans remarked that Andrés Garcia had been quite kind and connected to her, but she afterwards learned that he had been interned:

For TVNotas, he remarked, “I knew he was hospitalised afterwards, but when I saw him he was extremely lively and quite lively.” However, on April 9, the day after receiving Karely’s visit, he sent out the following message to inform his followers:

“The Santa Lucia hospital got 2 units of blood, bringing the total to 100! Thank you so much, Dr. Escudero. To the C.P. for their assistance and consideration. I also like to thank the medical team at the hospital for their kindness and care.

The photograph that accompanied Andrés Garca’s publishing showed him laying on a hospital bed, draped in a blue blanket, and obviously exhausted, but otherwise stable and healing. Although they no longer live together, the actor was shown in the photo next to Margarita Portillo, the actress to whom he has been married for 22 years.

In spite of rumours, Andrés Garca explained why he needed a blood transfusion after leaving the hospital.

“Dear friends, yesterday I shared with you a routine practise that helps me maintain my energy and health appropriately,” he said in a video in which he could be seen eating lunch, grinning, and assuring his son that everything was really wonderful. I said that everything was perfect as you could see.

The main character of telenovelas like El Cuerpo del Deseo claimed that the procedure was standard and that he thus decided to share the pictures, but he said he never anticipated that some media would treat the occurrence as a significant incident:

“Several media outlets have interpreted the note in an overly dramatic manner, even remarking that I was admitted to the hospital urgently and claiming that my health was in highly precarious condition. Haha. In the video I’m sharing today, my son @leonardogarciaof and I are having a wonderful afternoon. I appreciate the kind words from everyone, he added.

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