Andros Georgiou Wikipedia, Wife, Wiki, Net Worth, Son, Age

Andros Georgiou Wikipedia, Wife, Wiki, Net Worth, Son, Age

Andros Georgiou Wikipedia, Wife, Wiki, Net Worth, Son, Age – Following the passing of George Michael on December 25, Andros Georgiou, the late pop star’s cousin and former partner, has spoken out. Andros Georgiou is certain that his cherished relative accidentally passed away after consuming a combination of booze and narcotics.

Andros Georgiou Wikipedia, Wife, Wiki, Net Worth, Son, Age
Andros Georgiou Wikipedia, Wife, Wiki, Net Worth, Son, Age

According to Andros, a music producer, the family needs answers in order to go forward. In the end, he placed the blame on those “most close to the 53-year-old vocalist,” claiming George Michael spent three years in treatment and attempted to live a regular life.

George Michael passed away on Christmas Day at his house in Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, leaving a trail of unanswered questions since, in Andros’ opinion, his passing is strange.

In a Facebook post, Mr. Georgiou broke his silence and posed several inquiries to Michael’s partner, Fadi Fawaz. Andros swears to find the truth, adding, “I just want to find out what really happened: what was in his blood at the time, who gave it to him, and why he had it again.”

Despite the fact that Andros Georgiou had not spoken to the late actor in 12 years when he passed away, he argued that this was not a suicide. Michael and Andros shared a tight bond. He even went on a global tour with his cousin. Andros claimed he had pleaded with Michael to seek treatment on numerous occasions out of concern that his drug abuse would ultimately take his life.

The results of the singer’s post-mortem investigation were inconclusive. Further toxicological examinations have been requested. In reality, Andros and Michael are unrelated. Growing up, the two were simply so close that they were referred to be cousins. Andros and George finally grew close because of the closeness between their fathers.

Andros was present when George, first as one-half of Wham! and subsequently, as a solo artist, became an international music superstar. According to his LinkedIn page, Andros founded Hardback Records in 1986 and later worked as the managing director of George’s mid-’90s record label Aegean Records. Before anyone had even heard of iTunes or Spotify, Andros assisted Aegean in becoming one of the pioneers in the digital music distribution industry.

They apparently ceased speaking when George was detained in 1998 for allegedly performing lewd behaviour in a public restroom at Will Rogers Park in Beverly Hills, according to web sources. Many images of Andros and George from their time spent working together may be easily accessed online. George Michael is seen holding James, Andros’s kid, who also happens to be Michael’s godson, in one of the pictures.

James Kennedy, Harry Georgiou, and Dylan Georgiou are the three sons of Andros Georgiou. He has a wife named Jackie. James Kennedy, his son, is a reality television star who has been on Vanderpump Rules.

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