Angela Dobrowolski Wikipedia, Hijos, Instagram, Twitter, eDad, Biografia

Angela Dobrowolski Wikipedia, Hijos, Instagram, Twitter, eDad, Biografia

Angela Dobrowolski Wikipedia, Hijos, Instagram, Twitter, eDad, Biografia -: The ex-wife of television producer Josep Maria Mainat, Angela Dobrowolski, and another man have been sentenced to temporary prison, communicated, and without bail by the magistrate of Barcelona’s court of custody of detainees 1, in response to a dozen alleged robberies in occupied homes.

Angela Dobrowolski Wikipedia, Hijos, Instagram, Twitter, eDad. Biografia
Angela Dobrowolski Wikipedia, Hijos, Instagram, Twitter, eDad, Biografia

She is charged with six robberies and he with five, and the two, who have both undergone forensic testing, have appeared before the judge this past Saturday after being detained, according to a statement from the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC).

This Saturday morning, the Investigating Court Number 7 in Barcelona received a request from the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Barcelona for the temporary arrest of Dobrowolski and the accumulation of the aforementioned processes.

It revealed in a statement on Saturday that it has also asked the Investigating Court number 7 of Barcelona for the accumulation of these procedures.

Dobrowolski was accused of trying to assassinate him on the night of June 22–23, 2020, and the prosecutor’s office asked for a 16–year prison term in June.

A 500-meter restraining order from Mainat for eight years after the prison sentence is allegedly imposed on her, along with a 6,000 euro fine, according to the prosecutor’s indictment, while the producer has relinquished any rights to compensation.

Dobrowolski had moved out of the home where they shared a residence, but he continued to return there frequently to spend time with his kids. According to the prosecutor, Dobrowolski used the home computer without the producer’s consent to access the producer’s email account in order to learn more about the divorce case that Mainat planned to file.

There, she reviewed correspondence between Mainat and her attorneys as well as documents pertaining to the divorce petition she was drafting. As a result, she was aware that if he passed away, “she would be one more heir (of his very notable patrimony), as long as they were still married and without initiating any divorce proceedings,” as opposed to being left out of the will if they had already begun divorce proceedings.

The prosecution also claims that the two frequently fought and argued, “including physical assaults” by her that are being investigated in another case, and that once Mainat stopped giving her money, the lady found it difficult to find work.

Dobrowolski allegedly made the decision to try to kill him before he filed for divorce on June 22 and 23, 2020, at daybreak, as he was about to go to sleep in the home where they had previously resided.

Since 11:00 p.m., Mainat had been sleeping. At 2:00 a.m., the woman “suddenly woke him up, telling him surprisingly that she had to inject him with a medication to lose weight” that he had been taking for a long time.

As he was “semi-conscious, and for the sole purpose of avoiding another argument and continuing to sleep, unable to picture or imagine the woman’s true purpose,” he consented to let her give him the injection.

Dobrowolski allegedly gave Mainat an injection of “a mixture of long-acting and rapid-acting insulin,” despite knowing that doing so would likely be lethal. At the time, Dobrowolski was in his final year of medical school and was aware that Mainat had type 2 diabetes.

The prosecutor continues, “Dobrowolski knew that Mainat had never received insulin treatment because it was “completely contraindicated” for his illness and that he would not be able to react while asleep because he would not be aware of the symptoms of hypoglycemia.”

The prosecutor claims that Dobrowolski started tracking Mainat’s blood sugar levels using a glucometer to determine when “it would be practically impossible to recover from the hypoglycemia that caused him.”

According to the prosecutor, the woman “did nothing to reverse her condition” until 3:12 p.m., when she dialed 911 to hide her conduct.

Mainat was already in a coma when emergency personnel arrived at the residence at 3:25 a.m. They gave him “a high amount of glucagon to save his life” and sent him to the Quirón Hospital, where he was kept in the emergency room until 11 a.m.

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New issue for Mainat’s ex-wife: Dobrowolski is being held in a temporary facility for allegedly carrying out violent robberies in Barcelona

This Saturday, Angela Dobrowolski was sentenced to a period of provisional detention without bail for “participation in several crimes of robbery with force in an inhabited house” by the magistrate of the court of custody of detainees 1 in Barcelona. The order has also been delivered to another guy and the ex-wife of television producer Josep Maria Mainat.

He is accused of five robberies, while she is accused of six. The two were arrested this past Saturday and, after passing a forensic examination, came before the judge, according to a statement from the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC).

This Saturday morning, the Barcelona Provincial Prosecutor’s Office asked the Investigating Court No. 7 in Barcelona for Dobrowolski to be held indefinitely and for the accumulation of the aforementioned proceedings.

Dobrowolski was detained in March by the Mossos d’Esquadra for detonating a homemade explosive on the landing of an apartment tower in Barcelona. For this latest crime, she is back in the public eye.

There are other open legal cases as well. In June, the prosecutor’s office requested that the German be given a 16-year prison term for allegedly attempting to kill Mainat in 2020. The prosecutor’s office also demanded a 6,000-euro fine, a 500-meter restraining order from Mainat, and eight years of incarceration after her release.

She was also given a suspended sentence of 17 months in prison for violating her ex-husband’s restraining orders by repeatedly attempting to enter the producer’s house. She also has a case pending for violating the communication prohibition against him. On the other hand, for forging checks in the name of Mainat, she was given a final term of 2.5 years in prison.

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