AP Vehicle Registration Search Details – Andhra Pradesh

AP Vehicle Registration Search Details – Andhra Pradesh

AP Vehicle Registration Search Details – Andhra Pradesh – After buying a vehicle the first step to be taken is to obtain a permanent registration number for the car. Additionally, it is required to register your car through the AP RTO within seven days of the purchase.

There is often confusion regarding the procedure for registration. Additionally, clients typically have a lot of questions during the registration process.

  • What documents should be submitted?
  • What’s the price for the entire procedure?
  • Do you have any additional fees that are associated with registration?
  • Does the registration require a particular date for validation of the registration?
  • Where and how do I begin the process of AP registration for a vehicle procedure?

This article is intended to assist people in their registration procedure, which is easy in the event that the person who is applying for the registration has all of the documentation required.

AP Vehicle Registration Search Details - Andhra Pradesh
AP Vehicle Registration Search Details – Andhra Pradesh

Documents needed for Andhra Pradesh vehicle registration

In accordance with the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 the purchaser of a vehicle is required to have their auto registration done by the RTO as soon as they can. If this is not done then the individual is not allowed to drive their vehicle in accordance with subsection 39 in the MVA. Here are the necessary documents required to assist people with their registration for an AP.

  • The customer has to complete Form 20 in order to make a registration form for their vehicle.
  • Form 21 must be submitted, i.e., the Sales certificate, by the most recent.
  • The customer must possess PUC certificates for verification to be able to verify their identity.
  • A certificate of clearance from Customs is required when the vehicle is being imported.
  • A limit on age is included with the ownership of a vehicle The customer has to provide an age or address verification document, such as an Aadhar card.
  • If a client purchases a car, and they are applying for insurance for their vehicle this form should be filled out when they register the vehicle.
  • Passport-sized photos with white backgrounds are required for the registration of vehicles within Andhra Pradesh.

How to register your vehicle in Andra Pradesh

Application Submission

The submission of an application is the first phase of the process of AP registration for a vehicle procedure. The buyer must complete form 20 and submit it to RTO Office. RTO Office within the first week of buying the vehicle. Additionally, it helps make the registration process much easier.

Documents required for submission

Certain documents required to prove identity must be presented. It is comprised of Form 21 (the sales certificate) address, a copy of the form, and proof of age, which could be the owner’s Aadhar card as well as the PUC Certificate and Certificate of clearance from Customs in the case of an import car. Additionally, an insurance certificate is essential since it permits the business to pay for any damage that may happen to the vehicle.

Registration Fee Payment

The fee for registration for the registration of vehicles in the AP changes every now and then. You can keep an eye on the cost by visiting the official website of the AP RTO website.

Payment for Road Tax

Taxes are calculated according to the engine’s capacity as well as its overall value. It is generally 9 per cent of the vehicle’s financial value.

Validity of a permanent vehicle Registry in Andhra Pradesh

Extended Temporary Registration

For a two-wheeler, the temporary registration is valid for a month. So, if a buyer wishes to extend this time then they should apply for an extension in accordance with the procedure in the following.

  • Provide proof of tax payment for the new car.
  • Pay an extension cost of INR 15/-
  • In the event that your vehicle belongs to an ex-army vehicle complete form 21
  • Send in your ration card or electric bill as proof of address
  • When your car is a trailer you’ll also need to file the design approval
  • Form 22 i.e. roadworthiness application, is required.

Duplicate Certificate Registration

In the process of the AP registration procedure, A duplicate Certificate is issued in the event of misplacing the original vehicle registration certificate.

To do this, form 26 has to be completed by the person who is in charge following a police report is made. Additionally, the client must provide a copy of the FIR along with also the PUC Certificate.

Change of residence for vehicle

It is the APRTO Authorities are in charge of the change of residence on the automobile. APRTO Registration AP registration indicates that form 33, the registration application and the address proof have to be presented in order to change the address of residence.

NoC Issue

A NOC is required for the renewal of a vehicle’s registration. Based on the AP Registration details To obtain approval from APRTO authorities the buyer must fill out the form and send it along with as well as all necessary documents.


Registration of vehicles is required for Andhra Pradesh and other states of India when you intend to purchase a vehicle. Make sure that you have all the necessary information about registration and how to finish the process on time.

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