Awake 2007 Full Movie In Hindi Download Filmyzilla 480p

Awake 2007 Full Movie In Hindi Download Filmyzilla 480p

Awake 2007 Full Movie In Hindi Download Filmyzilla 480p – In this article, we are going to talk about the movie downloading process. We will provide you with all the details with respect to the respective movie. Hence, you should read this article till the end. You will get to know each and every kind of information with respect to the given topic.

Awake 2007 Full Movie In Hindi Download Filmyzilla 480p
Awake 2007 Full Movie In Hindi Download Filmyzilla 480p

Cast Of Awake 2007 Full Movie

Hayden ChristensenasClay Beresford
Jessica AlbaasSam Lockwood
Terrence HowardasDr. Jack Harper
Lena OlinasLilith Beresford
Christopher McDonaldasDr. Larry Lupin
Sam RobardsasClayton Beresford Sr.

Crew Of Awake 2007 Full Movie

DirectorJoby Harold
ProducerKelly Carmichael

executive producer
Donny Deutsch

co-executive producer
Amy J. Kaufman

Jason Kliot

John Penotti

Fisher Stevens

Tory Tunnell

Joana Vicente

Bob Weinstein

executive producer
Harvey Weinstein

executive producer
Tim Williams

executive producer
Cinematography ByRussell Carpenter
Art DirectionBen Barraud
Sound DepartmentBob Chefalas

re-recording mixer (as Bobby Chefalas)
Marko A. Costanzo

foley artist (as Marko Costanzo)
Rich Crescenti

adr recordist
Tim Dallesandro

sound re-recordist
Dustin DuPilka

apprentice sound editor
Dan Edelstein

dialogue editor
Michael Feuser

assistant sound editor
Chris Fondulas

utility sound
Anguibe Guindo

utility sound
John Gutierrez

boom operator
Ruth Hernandez

supervising adr editor
Paul Hsu

sound designer
Visual Effects ByChris Gelles

visual effects executive producer: & Company
David Isyomin

visual effects supervisor: & Company
Jeremy Fernsler

digital compositor (uncredited)
Thomas Lynch

digital compositor (uncredited
Editorial DepartmentGeorge Bunce

digital intermediate on-line editor
John Crowley

Kate Eales

Kimberly K. Ferraro

post-production coordinator
Rich Glassey

post-production coordinator: Greenestreet Films
Gordon Grinberg

James W. Harrison III

first assistant editor (as Jim Harrison)
David B. Hastings

on-line editing assistant (as Dave Hastings)
Mariah Breitel Hembree

post script services (as Mariah Breitel)
Alexander M. Pearson

post-production production assistant
Sarah Jean Porter

first assistant editor (as Sarah Porter)
Matthew Reedy

senior digital intermediate producer (as Matt Reedy)
John Scott

editorial consultant
Valdís Óskarsdóttir

editorial consultant (as Valdis Oskarsdottir)
Ira Schweitzer

colorist: high definition dailies (uncredited)
Corey Stewart

digital intermediate engineer (uncredited)

Details Of Awake 2007 Full Movie

Release Date30 November 2007
Budget$ 8.6 Million
PlatformOTT and Theatre

Trailer Of Awake 2007 Full Movie

Awake 2007 Full Movie Download Bilibili

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Awake 2007 Full Movie Download Moviesada

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Awake 2007 Full Movie Download Filmyzilla

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