Bernie Moreno Wikipedia, Net Worth, Senate, Phio, Family, Wiki, Twitter

Bernie Moreno Wikipedia, Net Worth, Senate, Phio, Family, Wiki, Twitter

Bernie Moreno Wikipedia, Net Worth, Senate, Phio, Family, Wiki, Twitter – Over the past eight years, Ohio has turned into a Trump-friendly state, and the political transformation of recently-nominated Republican Senate candidate Bernie Moreno is evidence that MAGA has become the new standard for the GOP.

Bernie Moreno Wikipedia, Net Worth, Senate, Phio, Family, Wiki, Twitter
Bernie Moreno Wikipedia, Net Worth, Senate, Phio, Family, Wiki, Twitter

In one of the most crucial Senate contests for Republicans on the battleground map, Moreno, a Cleveland businessman who unsuccessfully sought the open seat in Ohio during the previous election cycle, announced on Tuesday that he will take against Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH).

With his statement, Moreno essentially solidifies his ideological transformation from an establishment GOP donor to a full-fledged MAGA Republican who is now well-positioned to win the support of former President Donald Trump, which helped first-term Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) win in 2022.

Moreno, 56, proclaimed on social media that she was running for the U.S. Senate because she had “had enough of the insider politicians in both parties selling us out.” They are too cowardly and weak to complete the task. In order to put America First, we need a new generation of political outsiders with some backbone.

Moreno has attempted to establish a rapport with the former president, despite having once privately voiced doubt about Trump during his first campaign. He claimed in a statement at the time that after meeting with Trump early last year, he decided to drop out of a competitive GOP primary. According to Moreno, they both came to the conclusion that there were “too many Trump candidates and could cost the MAGA movement a lot of money” in the campaign.

Such submission, followed by a support of Vance, seems to have paid off. Rich Colombian car trader Moreno is currently receiving praise from some of the most significant political figures.

Trump, who is making his third run for the presidency, issued an encouraging message to his Truth Social account shortly after Moreno submitted paperwork to compete for the seat last week. It has been reported that Bernie Moreno, a well-known businessman from the GREAT STATE of Ohio and the father-in-law of an outstanding young congressman named Max Miller, is considering running for the Senate. In particular when up against Brown, one of the worst senators, “He would not be easy to beat!”

Though Moreno is currently the only GOP candidate in the race, moderate state senator Matt Dolan, who started his candidature in January, it is unclear whether Trump’s early enthusiasm would lead to a formal support. Dolan, a co-owner of the Cleveland Guardians who campaigned for office in the previous election, has come under fire from Trump for stressing that he has no interest in obtaining the support of the outgoing president.

Other potential GOP candidates are considering runs, including Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose and Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH), who is supported by the Club for Growth, a hardline conservative group that has opposed Trump in recent elections.

Moreno is “uniquely positioned as a first-generation American” to win the Republican nomination and compete against Brown in what is anticipated to be a closely contested general election, according to Ric Grenell, a former acting director of national intelligence under Trump.

In an interview with Jewish Insider on Tuesday, Grenell, who has joined Moreno’s campaign as a co-chair and backed him in the past, said, “I have seen through travelling the country that, really, first- and second-generation Americans are the canaries in the coalmine about what’s happening in the United States.” The most patriotic group is them.

Before becoming active in Republican politics, Moreno, a Colombian immigrant who came to the United States as a child, amassed wealth as a car dealership mogul.

Grenell commented favourably on Moreno’s ideological evolution under the Trump administration, saying the Cleveland-based businessman “knows how to read the movement” and is “not stuck in his own beliefs.”

He refrained from commenting on the possibility of a Trump endorsement but made a suggestion that Moreno’s campaign and Vance, who had previously voiced criticism of the former president before adopting a more hard-right profile as a Senate candidate, might work together. The members of Bernie’s kitchen cabinet, according to Grenell, are all huge J.D. Vance fans.

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