Box Office Collection of Oppenheimer and Barbie Worldwide and Global

Box Office Collection of Oppenheimer and Barbie Worldwide and Global

Box Office Collection of Oppenheimer and Barbie Worldwide and Global – Barbie shattered a number of box office milestones, including 2023’s biggest debut. Oppenheimer, directed by Christopher Nolan, had the largest biopic opening ever worldwide.

What was the Box Office Collection of Oppenheimer and Barbie?

According to the most recent statistics, Barbie and Oppenheimer collectively made more than $511 million worldwide and $235.5 million in the US during the weekend. Both Greta Gerwig’s Barbie and Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer were released on July 21. According to a recent source, two Hollywood pictures have never before debuted to more than $100 million (Barbie) and $50 million (Oppenheimer) at the US box office.

Barbie earned $155 million at the North American box office in its first weekend, according to AFP. The agency also mentioned that Oppenheimer had a successful opening weekend, bringing in $80.5 million.

Barbie brokes Box Office Records

The records that Barbie and Oppenheimer each shattered this past weekend are listed by Deadline. Several other films with female leads, such as Ocean’s 8 ($297.7 million), Bird of Prey ($205.3 million), and Little Women ($218.8 million), have seen higher lifetime box office receipts than Barbie, according to the research.

Barbie beat Super Mario Bros.’ $146.4 million three-day weekend as the year’s biggest opening to yet in 2023. The movie outperformed the Super Mario Bros. Movie’s $54.8 million to have the highest grossing day of 2023 with $70.8 million. Barbie has also surpassed all previous Warner Bros. advance sales records with $49.5 million in sales. In the US, it surpassed Captain Marvel’s $153.4 million to set a record for the biggest opening for a female-directed movie.

It also had the second-highest opening for a film directed by a woman, trailing only Captain Marvel’s $456.6 million global debut. After Transformers: Dark of the Moon’s $115.9 million opening weekend, this one has the biggest opening weekend for a movie based on a toy.

Greta Gerwig’s film Barbie has the biggest debut in the US. With $16.8 million in revenue, her film Little Woman previously held the record. Following Suicide Squad ($133.7 million), Margot Robbie experienced her highest debut, while Ryan Gosling experienced the same with Barbie. His previous biggest debut brought in $32.8 million from Blade Runner 2049. Barbie is also Greta, Margot, and Ryan’s biggest launch globally.

What was the Oppenheimer Global Business?

After The Dark Knight Rises ($131 million) and The Dark Knight ($94.2 million), it is the third-largest overseas box office debut for a Christopher Nolan movie. Only 329 screens were used for the IMAX release, but it brought in $13.9 million of the worldwide gross, making it the biggest IMAX start for the director, the biggest IMAX weekend in Mexico, India, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Chile, Colombia, Indonesia, New Zealand, and the Czech Republic.

In addition, it had the biggest Christopher Nolan opening weekend for a non-superhero movie in 55 markets, including the UK and Ireland, France, Germany, Australia, Mexico, Spain, and Brazil. It also had the biggest Christopher Nolan opening day in 33 markets, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, India, the Netherlands, Argentina, and Belgium.

After The Dark Knight Rises ($249 million) and The Dark Knight ($161 million), Oppenheimer ranked third in terms of opening weekends worldwide and in the US for Christopher Nolan, behind only The Dark Knight ($198 million) and The Dark Knight ($158 million). Furthermore, it outperformed Bohemian Rhapsody ($124 million), having the highest global day and date opening weekend ever for a biopic. After American Sniper ($89.2 million) and Passion of the Christ ($83.8 million), it is the third-highest opening for a biopic in the US.

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