College Romance Season 2 Download Telegram Link

College Romance Season 2 Download Telegram Link

College Romance Season 2 Download Telegram Link – In this article, we are going to talk about the movie downloading process. We will provide you with all the details with respect to the respective movie. Hence, you should read this article till the end. You will get to know each and every kind of information with respect to the given topic.

College Romance Season 2 Download Telegram Link
College Romance Season 2 Download Telegram Link

Cast of College Romance Season 2

Apoorva AroraasNaira
Keshav SadhnaasKaran
Gagan AroraasBagga
Shreya MehtaasDeepika
Manjot SinghasTrippy
Nupur NagpalasDhatrapriya
Cast of College Romance Season 2

Crews of College Romance Season 2

DirectorSimarpreet Singh…(5 episodes, 2018) Apoorv Singh Karki…(5 episodes, 2021) Parijat Joshi…(5 episodes, 2022)
Produced ByArun Kumar

executive producer / associate producer (15 episodes, 2018-2022)
Vijay Koshy

executive producer (10 episodes, 2021-2022)
Arunabh Kumar

producer (10 episodes, 2021-2022)
Shreyansh Pandey

executive producer (10 episodes, 2021-2022)
Akansh Gaur

executive producer (5 episodes, 2018)
Puneet Waddan

line producer (5 episodes, 2018)
Mohammad Sabir Ali

line producer (5 episodes, 2022)
Richard Fernandes

line producer (5 episodes, 2022)
Akshit Grover

associate creative producer (5 episodes, 2022)
Kumar Rahul

co-producer (5 episodes, 2022)
Himali Shah

creative producer (5 episodes, 2022)
Shivani Sinha

supervising producer (5 episodes, 2022)
Cinematography ByShiv Parkash

(10 episodes, 2018-2022)
Georgy John

(10 episodes, 2018-2021)
Arjun Kukreti

(5 episodes, 2021)
Art DirectionPallavi Gupta…(5 episodes, 2021) Snehkamal Mishra…(5 episodes, 2022)
Sound DepartmentPranit Purao

sound designer / re-recording mixer (10 episodes, 2021-2022)
Sanidhya Bohra

re-recording mixer (5 episodes, 2018)
Adit Khanzode

assistant dialogue editor (5 episodes, 2021)
Rajesh Pradhan

sound mixer (5 episodes, 2021)
Nagina Chauhan

boom operator (5 episodes, 2022)
Sandip Kedare

boom operator (5 episodes, 2022)
Gyanaranjan Rout

sound recordist (5 episodes, 2022)
Satish Solanki

sound effects editor (5 episodes, 2022)
Anand Thakur

boom operator (5 episodes, 2022)
Aromal Vaikom

assistant dialog editor (5 episodes, 2022)
Aswin Dinesh

dialogue editor (2 episodes, 2022)
Niranjan Rasne

dialogue editor (1 episode, 2021)
Visual Effects ByAnkit Bairagee
Editorial DepartmentAshish Dogra

assistant editor (5 episodes, 2018)
Sourav Yadav

colorist (5 episodes, 2018)
Vivek Nair

Colorist / colorist (5 episodes, 2021)
Dhananjaya Pathak

assistant editor (5 episodes, 2021)
Nirmal Sharma

colorist: Futureworks Media Limited (5 episodes, 2022)
A.S. Sujith

DI Line Producer (5 episodes, 2022)

Detail of College Romance Season 2

Release Date29 January 2021
BudgetNot Known
Detail of College Romance Season 2

Trailer Of College Romance Season 2

College Romance Season 2 Download Tamilplay

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