Desirée Piovanelli Wikipedia, Wiki, Assassini Oggi, Nicola, Documentario

Desirée Piovanelli Wikipedia, Wiki, Assassini Oggi, Nicola, Documentario

Desirée Piovanelli Wikipedia, Wiki, Assassini Oggi, Nicola, Documentario – Desiree Piovanelli, 15, was enticed to a farmhouse in Leno, Brescia, under false pretenses by her neighbor, who was also 15. Desiree Piovanelli passed away in September 2002. The child allegedly intended to rape her, assassinate her, two of her pals, and 36-year-old Giovanni Erra. The three young men are now free after being found guilty of all charges. Due to his 30-year prison term, Erra is the sole person who is still behind bars.

Desirée Piovanelli Wikipedia, Wiki, Assassini Oggi, Nicola, Documentario
Desirée Piovanelli Wikipedia, Wiki, Assassini Oggi, Nicola, Documentario

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Desirée Piovanelli, age 15, was fatally stabbed in September 2002 at the Ermengarda farmhouse in Leno, a municipality in the province of Brescia. A fifteen-year-old neighbor of the girl lured her in with a lie: the adolescent had intended to rape and kill Desirée along with two other friends, an adult, Giovanni Erra, and a different neighbor of hers.

All were detained before receiving sentences. The three lads have already completed their sentences, but Erra is still behind bars because he received a 30-year sentence. He requested a review of the procedure in 2019.

It’s been 21 years since that awful day. In a recent interview with the daily Il Resto del Carlino, Piovanelli’s father maintained that there were still many unresolved issues surrounding his daughter’s murder. He explained that a still-active network of pedophiles would be responsible for the horrible crime.

The defense asserts that Giovanni Erra is the sole person who is now incarcerated.

One of those found guilty of the murder of Desirée Piovanelli is Giovanni Erra. He was 36 years old at the time the incident occurred. The only one of the four convicted individuals who is currently in prison is the former employee, who was given a thirty-year sentence.

In 2019, he requested a review of the procedure from within the prison. Through his attorneys, Erra contests the judges’ account of events and asserts his innocence while imprisoned, as he had stated in a letter he wrote in 2016. He had argued at the time that “truth” was needed, and he had specifically requested the three lads who had been sentenced with him to tell the truth about what had transpired.

Giovanni Erra, according to the victim’s brother, would have visited the farmhouse where Desirée died if he had been hiding drugs, the man stated. Once he arrived, he would have discovered her body and would have left without sounding the alarm. The next day, he would return to retrieve the drug: “My brother tried to defend himself multiple times, but he was never believed. When questioned, he even said, “Do as you please, but stop.”

Erra’s attorney explained that there would be a receipt that would change the timing for the purchase of the murder weapon by an hour in a 2022 interview with the weekly Giallo, again calling for the procedure to be examined. The kid would have purchased the firearm at 3.10 p.m., but the time on the receipt would be 2.14 p.m. That would make your client’s participation impossible. The man would have been sleeping at home throughout the incident, according to the defense.

Father of Desirée Piovanelli: It was a pedophilia ring.

The complete truth hasn’t come to light for Desirée’s father yet. In reality, he had also requested that the case be reopened so that he could explain all the murky details of the narrative. One of these would be a biological remnant that, at the time of the incident, had been isolated on her daughter’s jacket and didn’t come from any of the prisoners. A topic that would never have been investigated.

The man explained that a network of pedophiles still active in the Bassa Bresciana was responsible for the girl’s kidnapping. The time Desirée would have left the house is also inconsistent: “She left at 2.30pm. It’s untrue that she left at 3:30 p.m., an hour later. One of the boys made numerous phone calls between 3:15 and 4:20. Desy has already passed away.

The conversation was lengthy, the man continued, “as if the youngster had to tell someone what had happened. Why wasn’t the caller’s identity and what they said verified?

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