Dismissed Movie Wikipedia, Cast, Wiki, Review, Ending

Dismissed Movie Wikipedia, Cast, Wiki, Review, Ending

Dismissed Movie Wikipedia, Cast, Wiki, Review, Ending – The film Dismissed starts as a normal thriller but if you pay attention, it has a powerful message. The story centers around Mr. Butler, a high school teacher who hopes to succeed in life by upholding his moral principles and avoiding any issues. A bright and talented new transfer student called Lucas is introduced to him. Mr. Butler likes him, but it soon becomes clear that Lucas is a psychopath when he earns a grade on an essay about Othello that is just shy of an A. The film explores issues of ambition, academic pressure, and the negative effects of trying to be perfect. Dismissed is an overall thought-provoking movie that provides more than simply light amusement.

Dismissed Movie Wikipedia, Cast, Wiki, Review, Ending
Dismissed Movie Wikipedia, Cast, Wiki, Review, Ending

Dismissed Movie Cast

Kent OsborneMr. Butler
Dylan SprouseLucas Ward
Rae GrayBecca Vaughn
Alycia DelmoreRachel Butler
Mitchell EdwardsChris
Victoria ZeutziusPaige
Chris BauerMr. Ward
Leslie ThurstonPrincipal Fermont
Matthew J. EvansAlex
Randall ParkMr. Sheldon
Mark KellyDetective Speck
Helen SorayaMrs. Dubois
Robert LongstreetPaul Garrett
Brooke DillmanValerie Lohman
Jeanette MausNancy
Rowan SmythYoung Lucas
Owen DaggetJoey Butler

Dismissed Movie Crew

Dismissed Movie Story

“Dismissed” is a psychological thriller that follows the story of an English teacher, a high school called Sri Butler, which has high expectations for the progress of his career. He takes interest in a new transfer student, Lucas ward, which is more intelligent and uncertain than his classmates. Lucas, however, surfaced as a manipulation and psychiatric student, who becomes obsessed to obtain the right grade.

Lucas offers a great essay on Othello, but Mr. Butler made it an A grade just below Lucas, which is angry with the grade and begins to manipulate and threaten Mr. Butler, leading to a series of terrible events. He creates a complete crime site to frame Mr. Butler for murder, and even makes a comprehensive suicide note to try and explain the crime officers of Mr. Butler.

As Lucas’s behavior becomes rapidly uncertain, Mr. Butler realizes that he is working with a dangerous person and tries to protect himself and his family from Lucas’s anger. He wants to seek help from the school principal and police, but Lucas manages to get out of any result.

Stress is formed because Lucas becomes more desperate to achieve its goals, leading to a shocking climax that leaves the audience on the edge of its seats.

The film burns at a slow pace, with a subtle but strong payment that is sure to leave a permanent impression on the audience. The performance of the artists, especially in the form of Lucas in the form of dialog, is captivating and fine, and the direction by Benjamin Arfman is excellent in its restraint and accuracy. “Dismissed ” is a film that will keep the audience busy from beginning to end, and a holiday for psychological thriller-style fans.

In summary, Dismissed is a well-made psychological thriller that has more to it than what initially appears. It features an interesting plot, good performances from the main cast, and a subtle yet effective delivery of tension. Although it may not be for everyone, it can be an ideal entry point for adolescent viewers into more grown-up thrillers. The film avoids standard formulas, and its subtle yet effective approach makes it a unique addition to the thriller genre.

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