Florin Talpan Wikipedia, Wiki, Facebook, Afghanistan

Florin Talpan Wikipedia, Wiki, Facebook, Afghanistan

Florin Talpan Wikipedia, Wiki, Facebook, Afghanistan – A second round of negotiations between FCSB and CSA Steaua for the lease of the arena in Ghencea by the club frequented by 65-year-old Gigi Becali took place today at the Army Sports Club’s headquarters.

A deal between FCSB and CSA Steaua representatives has been reached, according to Gigi Becali, who made the announcement live on Digi Sport. The Ghencea stadium rental agreement will now be signed. Florin Talpan, in contrast, explained why CSA Steaua does not want to finalise the contract with FCSB.

Following negotiations with FCSB for the stadium lease, CSA Steaua revealed their choice through Florin Talpan.

“The stadium in Steaua will not host the FCSB vs. Dinamo game! No contract will be signed following today’s negotiations and the meeting between the FCSB and CSA Steaua representatives.

The FCSB has demonstrated that they are acting in bad faith. They keep saying that Ghencea is their home and that they are Steaua. Once more putting the brass on his face, Gigi Becali sought the European Intellectual Property Office to register the Steaua brand.

Becali wants to destroy us through all of its legal manoeuvres and has demanded that all CSA Steaua brands be discontinued. It is hard to engage in business or sign a contract with a man who intends to ruin you.

For these reasons, CSA Steaua does not want to sign a contract! We requested the insurance coverage that he (no, Gigi Becali) is trying to avoid by various ways. Nobody from CSA Steaua, as far as I’m aware, wants to sign the agreement with Becali.

Nobody is imprisoned, not even Mr. Bichir. I don’t know where this information originated from because no law was broken. The only time you go to jail is if you steal something, so what did I do? We cannot be imprisoned due to several legal issues. Becali is suing us and attempting to steal our identities.

I certify that I have the funds in the account and authenticate with my signature. Okay, I also confirm that. I claim I fulfilled all of their requests. After signing the contract, everything was back to usual.

Just don’t let Talpan come back; I’m 99.9% sure. It was, and I realised that they did not consider it. “Thieves are stealing from us,” he warned them. Additionally, they were giggling over there.

During the game, we cannot disparage the CSA. Why therefore should we belittle them? Okay, during the game, me. After all, weren’t we meant to fix the grass if it was damaged? Just 750,000 euros, that’s all! According to what they claim, that is how much the turf costs. Given that it is unique, that might be the case.

The sentence states that if it is damaged, however it is hard to destroy a grass. It is a unique one that cannot simply be destroyed. It can’t be destroyed, I don’t know how it works. So I instructed them to sign. I agreed, but now it needs to be put into action. Vali calls me repeatedly and nags me about what to do.

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