Gene Keidel Wikipedia, Son, Daughter, Killer, Wiki

Gene Keidel Wikipedia, Son, Daughter, Killer, Wiki

Gene Keidel Wikipedia, Son, Daughter, Killer, Wiki – A story from more than 60 years ago describes how Gene Keidel, a 58-year-old contractor, killed Dianne Keidel, the mother of his three children, and buried her body in the backyard of their Pheonix house.

Gene Keidel Wikipedia, Son, Daughter, Killer, Wiki
Gene Keidel Wikipedia, Son, Daughter, Killer, Wiki

The children were still in the home when it was destroyed by fire four months later after he had filed a missing person report and returned. Only two people survived.

Dianne’s murder was unsolved until Lori Romaneck, the youngest and only surviving child of the former couple, claimed in a letter to authorities in 1993 to have seen Gene kill her mother all those years earlier. He was a suspect in the house fire as well, which was ultimately determined to be arson.

Evil Lives in ID Here, we’ll take a fresh look at the Gene Keidel case and the crimes that have followed him about Phoenix for so long—as well as his two surviving children. This Sunday, January 22, at 9.00 pm ET, the brand-new episode, titled I Watched Daddy Bury Mommy, will premiere.

Episode’s Synopsis:

“As a child, Lori Hodge doesn’t understand what she sees when her father, Gene Keidel, digs a hole in the yard in the middle of the night, but as she gets older and realizes the truth, she becomes a threat; he will stop at nothing to keep his secret.”

In 1966, Gene Keidel reported his ex-wife missing, and a few months later, he lost two of his daughters in a house fire.

Gene Keidel had supper with his divorced wife Dianne Keidel on September 17, 1966. Dianne was dwelling in the family home with their three children and her eldest daughter from a previous marriage, while the couple were living apart in separate homes at the time.

The next morning, when their mother hadn’t come home the previous evening, the kids found Gene dozing on the couch. The 58-year-old contractor then declared his estranged wife missing and moved back in with the kids. Despite the fact that Dianne was away for months, their home burned down in a fire in January of the following year while all of the kids were still inside.

The youngest daughter, Lori Romaneck, 5, and the boy barely escaped the fire, surviving the tragic occurrence. Two of their children perished in the fire. While her older brother managed to escape unharmed, the former sustained severe burns. Despite the fire being considered “suspicious,” no charges were ever brought.

Dianne and Gene Keidel’s surviving daughter, Lori Romaneck, came out in 1993 and claimed that her father had murdered their mother years earlier. This was nearly three decades earlier. Reports state that 27 years after Dianne was declared missing, she wrote to Phoenix Police.

Lori asserted in the letter that she had seen her father hit her mother in the head. She claimed that after witnessing her mother collapse to the ground, Gene struck her again in the head. She discovered her mother “curled up on the pool deck” later that evening while her father was digging a hole in the backyard.

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