Hatun Tash Wikipedia, Nationality, Brother, Testimony, Quran, Youtube, Instagram

Hatun Tash Wikipedia, Nationality, Brother, Testimony, Quran, Youtube, Instagram

Hatun Tash Wikipedia, Nationality, Brother, Testimony, Quran, Youtube, Instagram – Following two unjustified arrests of a Christian evangelist at London’s Speakers’ Corner, the Metropolitan Police has apologised and acknowledged that it “fell below standards.”

Hatun Tash Wikipedia, Nationality, Brother, Testimony, Quran, Youtube, Instagram
Hatun Tash Wikipedia, Nationality, Brother, Testimony, Quran, Youtube, Instagram

After contesting the arrests, Hatun Tash, a Christian evangelist who frequently criticises Islam at Speakers’ Corner, also obtained £10,000 in damages and legal fees.

Tash was beaten, humiliated, and harassed on May 23, 2021, by a group of Islamic males for participating in weekly debates at Speakers’ Corner while sporting a t-shirt with a picture of Muhammad on it.

Met police issues an apology

When police requested the Islamic group to leave Hyde Park, it was captured on camera that group members yelled at the officers to “go away” and continued frightening Tash.

Tash was asked to leave the park by the same officers, and they warned her that if she resisted them, she would be detained. She was ultimately taken into custody for “breaching the peace” and another public order infraction.

She spent a full day in detention. Police let her go without taking any further action. Tash contested the arrests on the grounds of illegal arrest and unlawful confinement with the help of the Christian Legal Centre.

She shouldn’t have been detained, according to her attorneys, and it wasn’t the right thing to do just because it was thought to be operationally required to do so. By sending more policemen to Speakers Corner to support her rights, the police ought to have safeguarded her right to free expression. Therefore, her protection would have been guaranteed.

Tash has also received an apology from the police for wrongly detaining her in December 2020 at Speakers’ Corner. Police authorities in this case detained her for violating coronavirus laws while she was preaching.

While the MPS continually works to maintain the highest professional standards, incidents do occasionally occur where the level of service falls below that standard, according to Insp. Andy O’Donnell of the Directorate of Professional Standards, Civil Actions Investigation Unit, in a letter to Tash. I have thought about the circumstances surrounding your claim and am convinced that the service did not meet the required standard on these two occasions.

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my regret for the grief these incidences have caused you. “I hope that the resolution of this claim and the acknowledgement of the significance of what happened will allow you to move past these incidents.”

After mistakenly detaining Christian missionary Hatun Tash, provides £10k in compensation

Tash, who gave the settlement to the Christian Legal Centre in lieu of compensation, remarked after the apology that this must only be “the beginning of the police doing more to protect Christian freedoms and free speech at Speakers’ Corner.”

“I am quite worried about the strategy the cops have been employing at Speakers’ Corner. It has been quite upsetting that the police have continually taken away my rights and said they cannot defend me because they don’t want to offend a particular group of individuals.

“Jesus Christ, in my opinion, is the world’s and Muslims’ good news. Police must defend my rights while I spread the good news to others. I sincerely pray that many Muslims would turn to Jesus for salvation.

“More must be done to effectively address Islamic intimidation and violence at Speakers’ Corner. We don’t reside in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, respectively. Because I am a Christian, I automatically think Muhammad is a false prophet. In the UK, I ought to be able to speak it without fear of being attacked or repeatedly detained.

“Fear and police inactivity have encouraged mobs to intimidate, threaten, and even try to kill me. It is heartbreaking that we live in a culture where police hesitate to detain a Muslim out of concern that they would be accused of being Islamophobic.

“The cops believed that removing me would be simpler than dealing with those who were threatening and intimidating me. By doing this, Sharia legislation has taken control of Speakers’ Corner rather than UK legislation, she added.

A man wearing a black Islamic robe attacked Tash in Speakers’ Corner in July 2021 while it was still daylight and in front of the police. There have never been any arrests.

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