How To Get Around Netflix Password Sharing

How To Get Around Netflix Password Sharing

How To Get Around Netflix Password Sharing – Netflix’s password-sharing period has come to an end. However, this doesn’t stop you from ignoring the new rules. The popular streamer stated earlier this month that a crackdown on account sharing would be implemented in the United States as soon as possible. Netflix has added the possibility to pay for additional account users in areas like Canada, and while this is likely to come to the United States someday, the situation is a little less clear for now. However, as things stand, it looks like there is an easy way around the new rules. This is how it works.

How To Get Around Netflix Password Sharing
How To Get Around Netflix Password Sharing

How to Get Around Netflix’s Account-Sharing Limits

“A Netflix account was created to be shared in one household (people who live in the same location as the account owner).” People who are not members of your family will need to create their own accounts in order to access Netflix.”

In practice, Netflix analyses things like your home internet’s IP address to establish whether you’re really at home or if the account is being utilized elsewhere. While Netflix may implement more strict measures in the future, Lifehacker has discovered a simple method around these new rules.

When you try to use Netflix in the United States outside of your home location, you’ll be asked to provide a verification number that will be emailed to the account’s primary owner. If you’re that person and you’re just trying to watch Netflix in a hotel room or something, you are going to be fine. If you are not the account holder, you may need to be a little more clever.

I’ll just mention that sending sequences of numbers to your friends through a smartphone is quite simple.

You may have to do this often, which can be difficult, but it should allow you to continue your Netflix-sharing routines for the time being. If that changes, we’ll notify you.

How Netflix identifies who belongs to a “household

Everything is dependent on whether or not you are a member of your Netflix “household.” Netflix calculates this based on the television you use to watch its content. When you sign in or stream from the Netflix app on your smart TV or streaming box, Netflix determines that this TV is the household’s anchor, and all devices that connect to the same wifi as that TV are its members. There’s even a complicated process for authenticating your TV is in the house, which includes scanning a QR code to validate your account.

Netflix claims that it uses IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity from devices enrolled into your Netflix account to determine whether a device is streaming within or outside of the household. They also want you to know that they do not utilize GPS to determine your location, which is quite nice of them.

You can stream and download Netflix to your heart’s content if you own the account or reside in the same house as the account holder, as long as you have enough screens on your plan. (If you don’t, Netflix would like to remind you that it offers a variety of plans at various pricing points, including its new ad-tier option.)

Netflix is doing a poor job applying this new policy, so it’s unclear how it will affect you while traveling. However, if you take your gadgets with you on the road, as long as they were previously linked to the wifi at your home, you should be fine. Watch a show on your iPad at home, and you should have no trouble accessing your account while on vacation.

Several alternatives

As a result, people are not only actively canceling their years-old Netflix subscriptions, but others are also seeking for alternatives.

So, if you’re looking for an alternative to Netflix’s streaming platform, we’ve prepared a list of them. You may read about it here:

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