How to make money as a 11-year-old online Fast

How to make money as a 11-year-old online Fast

How to make money as an 11-year-old online Fast – While children cannot have a typical 9 to 16 job like adults, there are still many opportunities for them to begin making money through side jobs and online businesses. There are plenty of possibilities available to you, whether you’re a parent trying to support your child or a young person wishing to start producing money now.

How to make money as a 11-year-old online Fast
How to make money as a 11-year-old online Fast

Modern children and teenagers have access to a wealth of technology. It creates opportunities that previous generations never experienced. The days of setting up a lemonade stand on the sidewalk or getting a paper route are long gone. You may now make money in your spare time online.

Ways to work as a 11-year-old online Fast


One of the most well-liked ways to earn money is through freelancing. It’s a great method for teenagers to start working and earning money. This possibility is available on a lot of websites, including Freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr, to mention a few.

It’s simple to register for these websites; you may do so by providing your name and email address or by verifying using Facebook Connect or LinkedIn.

You will then need to wait for clearance before you can accept clients’ requests for freelance work from you on any website, whether you interact with them directly or you first go through listings on the website they requested it from.

Freelancers receive hourly compensation after approval (often within 24 hours), depending on the nature of work.

Youtube Videos

Kids are fairly tech aware, therefore they don’t need to invest much to start started as YouTube creators. This has been done before by numerous other children and teenagers.

With an amazing 28 million subscribers, Ryan’s World began when a 9-year-old boy started posting toy unpacking videos on YouTube. You can create a video about any topic you’re enthusiastic about, whether it’s a cosmetics tutorial or anything else (like Minecraft) that can help you advertise your brand or channel.

Instagram Influencer

An influencer has many online followers, including well-known individuals. They can make a lot of money through sponsored posts, product reviews, brand promotion, and selling photographs using an Instagram post or video.

Prior to doing anything else, choose a niche that matters to you and produce an interesting profile image because this will affect how other users will see your account.

Once you’ve done so, go to Settings and create a professional or business account. Then, look at audience engagement opportunities so you can determine the type of material your audience will be expecting from you in future posts.

Custom Enamel Pins Seller

Without a question, one of the quickest ways to gain money is to open an internet store. One of the most well-liked companies today is an internet store that sells bespoke pins.

Create pins using inspiration from your interests, favourite TV series, movies, and other things that drive you crazy, then sell them to get money. It will be important to work with an enamel pin maker in order to produce those pins in an acceptable price range and in large quantities.

Sell Vintage

The days of feeling embarrassed to wear used clothing are long gone. Retro attire is currently fashionable. If your child is interested in fashion and can recognise an old pair of Adidas trainers or a pair of Levi’s from the 1980s, they may be able to sell vintage clothing online and earn money. Finding their client base is made simpler by websites like ThredUP and Depop.

Become a Tutor

Why not volunteer your services as a tutor if you have knowledge in one or more academic topics and have the time to assist others? It’s a good idea to introduce yourself to your peers or ask family members first. Additionally, you can distribute pamphlets near libraries, coffee shops, and schools—just make sure it has been authorised first. Another alternative is to assist children who fundamentally require more money with their schoolwork, test/exam preparation, or language learning.

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