Irene Bringati Wikipedia, Fox News, Images, Husband

Irene Bringati Wikipedia, Fox News, Images, Husband

Irene Bringati Wikipedia, Fox News, Images, Husband – They are attempting to kill him. And it’s rather evident. And I can attest to the fact that this is true. Your leaving the company isn’t sufficient. They intend to ruin you. They want to sabotage your professional and job prospects.

Irene Bringati Wikipedia, Fox News, Images, Husband
Irene Bringati Wikipedia, Fox News, Images, Husband

It is utterly repulsive. You guys, not every industry does this. only ours. similar to the media, especially cable news and television news. Count on me for that. The Wall Street Journal, which is owned by the same parent corporation as Fox News, has a new article out today.

Tucker Carlson’s offensive and vulgar messages about his coworkers helped determine his fate at Fox News. According to people familiar with the situation, Fox News lawyers gave Tucker Carlson what they believed to be good news a few weeks ago as they prepared for a courtroom confrontation with Dominion Voting Systems: they had convinced the court to strike from a legal filing the instance in which Carlson used the c-word to refer to a senior Fox News executive. The host of Fox News with the highest prime-time audience, Mr. Carlson, was unimpressed.

These people claim that he informed his coworkers that he wanted the public to know what he had said about the executive in a private communication. Mr. Carlson said that his statements in the court filings that “I hate him passionately” were made in the heat of the moment, despite his long-standing and intense animosity for the boss.

According to several people acquainted with the situation, “the private messages in which Mr. Carlson displayed disregard for management and colleagues were a major factor in that decision” to fire him.

The following sentence is telling about who they’re talking about: “In recent years,” because it says who they’re talking about, “battles between Mr. Carlson and Fox management got so bad that former Trump aide Raj Shah was appointed to be his internal advocate and a go-between between Mr. Carlson and Fox’s communications department, according to people familiar with the arrangement and filings in the Dominion case.

Given that the main actors responsible for the false election fraud claims at the centre of the suit were other Fox hosts and commentators, Mr. Carlson was furious that Fox News didn’t do more to protect him from the negative press coverage surrounding the Dominion case, in which he was scheduled to testify, and so forth.

Irena Briganti is being discussed, but this is just my educated assumption; I don’t know anything personally. Abby is shaking her head in agreement. She is the head of the Fox News Media Relations division and is very cruel. Because she follows her bosses’ orders, it’s also partly not her fault. And Irena isn’t skulking around aimlessly trying to kill people. Her superiors have given her their approval. That’s precisely how businesses operate. But there needs to be responsibility because this woman has terrorised enough people for too long.

In my first broadcast at NBC in my new position, I singled her out by name. Because, let me tell you, it is a pattern that when you leave an organisation like this, they try to ruin you in the dirtiest and most abhorrent ways possible. It is not enough to try to say goodbye or to say, “Okay, we hope she fails, or we hope he fails.” And that’s what I think they’re currently doing to Tucker.

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