Is Jonathan Edwards still married

Is Jonathan Edwards still married

Is Jonathan Edwards still married – The wife of a politician who assaulted her says she is “appalled and disappointed” that Plaid Cymru has rehired him as a party MP. After seeking legal counsel and debating whether Jonathan Edwards should continue to be an independent, the party on Wednesday gave him back the whip. It conveys the message “that survivors of domestic abuse don’t matter,” his wife Emma Edwards told BBC Wales.

Is Jonathan Edwards still married
Is Jonathan Edwards still married

His wife claimed that after the incident, a press officer for the MP wrote a statement on her behalf that she now regrets. According to Mrs. Edwards, she wed her spouse in November 2012. They are currently going through a divorce. After being abused at home by my spouse in May 2020, I called the police, she claimed.

Minimize the incident

Mr. Edwards afterward consented to a police caution. “At the time, I was in shock, denial, and hope that we could reconcile,” his wife recalled.

Despite taking an online course on domestic violence, Jonathan downplayed the incident by refusing to take responsibility for what transpired. This indicated that there would be no reconciliation. I may have been foolish to believe there could be.

It was “drafted for me at the time by Jonathan’s press officer and I was told that it would be the best way to stop it being a story,” she claimed, adding that the statement released at the time, which stated that she accepted her husband’s apologies. “I now regret speaking those words,” she admitted, “since they have been used to justify Jonathan’s behavior.

“I’ve subsequently discovered that he is portraying himself as the victim in all of this, so I’m now trying to clear the record. “I am disgusted and saddened that the party I was a member of up until recently allowed a domestic abuser to serve as an MP.

He cannot stand by

This conveys the idea that women and domestic abuse survivors are unimportant. I’ve always thought Plaid Cymru is superior to this.

“Up until now, I have kept quiet. I don’t have a political agenda, and I don’t want attention. I can’t watch as the truth is perverted in this way any longer. At that time, the MP for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr was advised to be denied membership in the Westminster group by the majority of the National Executive Committee, Plaid’s governing body.

On Wednesday, Plaid said that it had reinstated Mr. Edwards and put an end to his tenure as an independent after receiving “procedural advice.”

According to a report by BBC Wales, the party was informed that keeping Mr. Edwards out of the Westminster group would be “illegal”. Although Mr. Edwards declined to respond, he did apologize for his actions in a statement on Wednesday.

He claimed: “The past two years have been a period of deep reflection during which I enrolled in a domestic violence awareness course, which has helped me understand the impact my action had on others.”

Cerys Furlong, chief executive of the Chwarae Teg gender equality organization, advised Plaid Cymru to reconsider its choice and the message it gave to all women. According to her, “our politics must be a place where women are safe and where violence, harassment, and abuse are outlawed.”

According to Plaid Cymru, “the voice of victims of domestic violence must be listened to,” on Friday. The statement continued, “The party is carefully considering the implications of the public statement made by Emma Edwards and what action may need to be taken as a result of her statement.”

This week, Plaid said that the NEC would examine the party’s procedures to find any lessons to be learned. The party would determine “the necessary steps for the party to be truly free from a culture of misogyny, and to actively and meaningfully promote, defend and extend women’s participation in Plaid Cymru and wider politics,” according to the statement.

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