Is Om Shanti Om based on a true story

Is Om Shanti Om based on a true story

Is Om Shanti Om based on a true story – No Om Shanti Om is not based on any of the stories. It is script-written movie. A 1970s extra for a movie Bollywood is smitten with a current superstar. She does, however, love a cunning producer, but when she stands in the way of his objectives because she is in the way of his thirst for power and money, he decides to kill her.

Is Om Shanti Om based on a true story
Is Om Shanti Om based on a true story

Plot of Om Shanti Om

Om Prakash Makhija is a young man from a low-income family who works as an extra in Hindi movies. He lives in a Mumbai chawl with his widowed mother Bela Makhija and a close friend named Pappu Master. He is in love with Shantipriya, a beautiful young woman who is well-known in the film industry as an actor. Om frequently displays his thoughts and desire to meet Shanti in front of her movie poster.

One evening, he and Pappu sneak into the “Dreamy Girl” premiere of one of her movies. Later that evening, an inebriated Om gives Pappu an emotional speech about his aspirations to become a famous actor.

Om and Pappu play supporting roles in movies shot at R.C. Studios, a significant filmmaking facility owned by Mukesh Mehra, a pleasant but conceited wealthy and well-known film producer.

Shanti is caught in a fire that erupts out of control when a scene is being filmed one day. Om risks his life by diving into the fire to save her. He receives gratitude from Shanti, and they grow close. Om pretends to be a well-known Tamil film star to impress Shanti. Even though he pretends to be filming his feature, he eventually admits to Shanti that he is just a minor extra after noticing her sincere affection for him.

Om is pardoned by Shanti, and the two of them have a joyful evening together. She also offers Om a snow globe. However, things change when Om unintentionally overhears a contentious exchange between Shanti and Mukesh. He is surprised to learn that they have been married for two years, but they have kept it a secret from the public because doing so would jeopardize both of their careers. Om is devastated when Shanti tells Mukesh that she is also expecting his child. He completely avoids Shanti.

The following evening, Mukesh brings Shanti to the location of her upcoming movie, Om Shanti Om, and informs her that they would postpone filming in favor of a lavish wedding. Om visits the scene to say goodbye to Shanti and give her the snow globe, but is defeated to see her there with Mukesh. He departs and places the snow globe close in a pond with fountains.

In the meantime, Mukesh warns Shanti that his union with her and the resulting child will ruin his lucrative profession. He locks a terrified Shanti inside the set and sets it on fire to prevent that, killing both her and the unborn child in the process. Om sees Shanti in the flames as he leaves the set and makes an effort to go and save her, but he is attacked by Mukesh’s guards and is left with serious injuries. He is able to infiltrate the set after they depart, but a large explosion forces him outside. Om stumbles on the street as Shanti’s set burns to the ground.

Upon seeing this, Om is heartbroken and is then unexpectedly struck by the automobile of famed actor Rajesh Kapoor. He transports him to a hospital alongside his laboring pregnant wife Lovely Kapoor. Om suffers severe injuries and eventually passes away while still thinking back on Shanti. Nasser, Rajesh’s helper, requests his doctor to conceal this from Bela and Pappu. Soon after, Rajesh and Lovely give birth to a child, whom they name Om Kapoor.

Cast of Om Shanti Om

Shah Rukh KhanasOm Prakash Makhija / Om Kapoor
Arjun RampalasMukesh ‘Mike’ Mehra
Kirron KherasBela Makhija
Shreyas TalpadeasPappu Master
Deepika PadukoneasShantipriya / Sandy
Bindu DesaiasKamini (as Bindu)
Jawed SheikhasRajesh Kapoor
Satish ShahasPartho Roy – Film director
Yuvika ChaudharyasDolly (as Yuvika Chaudhry)
Shawar AliasSelf (as Shawar Ali Khan)
Asawari JoshiasMrs. Rajesh Kapoor (as Asavari Joshi)
Nassar AbdullaasNasser – Rajesh’s assistant
Lin Laishramascameo- Om Kapoor’s friend
Is Om Shanti Om based on a true story

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