Is Shannon Beador In A Relationship

Is Shannon Beador In A Relationship

Is Shannon Beador In A Relationship – Shannon Storms Beador had been married to her husband David Beador for 13 years when Bravo viewers first met her on The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 and she claimed the two enjoyed a wonderful marriage.

Is Shannon Beador In A Relationship
Is Shannon Beador In A Relationship

But as RHOC viewers are aware, it was revealed the following season that David had an affair. Despite their attempts to mend their relationship, Shannon and David eventually split in 2017.
In 2019, John Janssen and Shannon started dating, and their romance was depicted on television. Shannon said that John had dumped her not long after Season 17’s filming, which is presently showing.

Following her marriage to David in 2000, Shannon gave birth to their three children, Sophie Beador, Stella Beador, and Adeline Beador. She discussed some of the difficulties in their relationship when she first appeared on RHOC in Season 9.

“My friends introduced me to him when I relocated from Los Angeles to Orange County. In an episode interview, Shannon remarked, “We got pregnant on day three of the honeymoon, which was a blessing, but I did kind of miss out on the Shannon-David-together-married period. “I just want to be sure that my hubby occasionally wants to spend time with me. It’s not too much to ask, in my opinion.

Shannon thought they were in a better place by the time the Season 9 reunion was filmed. In her remarks at the Season 9 reunion, she said, “Our marriage is better than ever. He told me, “I am closer to you today than I was the day after we got married,” as we had just returned from Hawaii.

Before RHOC Season 10, David Beador had a relationship.

The first episode of Season 10 aired in June 2015, and Shannon indicated that her marriage to David was going through a “bad” and “difficult” period.

He began an affair “at a time where it should have been the best year of my life,” Shannon claimed in the episode. “I overheard him chatting to this person on the phone, and I knew something wasn’t right… I snatched his briefcase as he dropped the kids off at school and discovered the hotel receipts inside. I said, “I’m going to ask you one last time, are you having an affair?” when he got home. He responded, “Yes, I am.

Shannon and David registered for a couple’s retreat in an effort to patch things up. “We need professional help, so we are going to a couple’s retreat so that we can get that help and move on with our lives,” she said. Imagine each other’s funerals and provide eulogies as part of treatment.

David Beador and Shannon Storms Beador divorced in 2019 after their separation in 2017.

Shannon and David tried their hardest, but they were unable to resolve the problems in their marriage. David and Shannon made their separation announcement in October 2017. Shannon issued a statement to The Daily Dish stating, “After much thought and serious study, David and I have made the tough decision to separate. “We are determined to raise our three girls together as partners in parenting. We respectfully request privacy in this transitional period as we respectfully ask for our children’s privacy in particular. This is not the future we imagined.

Shannon spoke candidly about the “painful and humiliating” experience of seeing her marriage fall apart on the show in an Instagram post from October 2020. “When we believe in ourselves, difficult and hard experiences may only make us stronger in the end. I am confident that my situation has improved today, and I will keep hoping that my daughters will experience the same. Reliving painful memories from the past is never easy, but it may also be uplifting to see the great good that can emerge from those difficult circumstances.

John Janssen and Shannon Storms Beador began dating in 2019.

Following David, Shannon discovered love once more with John Janssen. They first started dating in June 2019 after becoming acquaintances in college.

At the time, Shannon told The Daily Dish, “I have met someone, and it was unexpected.” “I just connected with him right away, and I feel at ease around him. One of the nicest persons I’ve ever met is him. He is so considerate. He’s a fantastic dad and we both practice the same religion. He values his family very much. He possesses a lot of the things that you could kind of hope one individual would have. So I’m incredibly fortunate.

In 2022, John Janssen and Shannon Storms Beador called it quits.

John chose to end their relationship in late 2022, three years after they had started dating. In a January 2023 interview with People, Shannon made the announcement. According to Shannon, who spoke to the publication, “He told me he was done with the relationship.” “And hearing what he said to me then was absolutely devastating.” Shannon acknowledged that she “was blindsided by the breakup,” considering that she believed they “were in a great place.”

Shannon declared, “I’ve never loved someone more in my life. “I was hoping that this was the man I would marry and have children with. I wanted it to be successful. I have never loved somebody as much as I do John.

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