Is the Grace Allen Story Real

Is the Grace Allen Story Real

Is the Grace Allen Story Real – One of the most eagerly awaited mystery thrillers to start the year is Missing, which will make its debut at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival.

Is the Grace Allen Story Real
Is the Grace Allen Story Real

The movie follows a stressed-out June (played by Storm Reid) as she sifts through the digital traces of her mother Grace Allen (Nia Long), who vanished following a holiday to Columbia with her boyfriend Kevin (Ken Leung). Grace Allen was last seen with them.

Some are speculating whether Grace Allen’s disappearance is based on a true crime story due to the trailer’s incredibly accurate social media depictions of the missing case doing the rounds online.

The disappearance of Grace Allen figures prominently in the fictional mystery-thriller movie Missing.

When Grace Allen’s disappearance is examined in isolation, it bears all the characteristics of a genuine missing person case. It sounds a little too much like one of the countless disappearance reports that the press has covered when a lady goes missing while on vacation with her new beau in a foreign nation.

Grace, in this instance, is a made-up character from the thriller Missing. Sev Ohanian and Aneesh Chaganty, who wrote the story, were the screenwriters who adapted it into a movie.

The movie, which is a stand-alone sequel to the popular 2018 thriller Searching and was directed by Nick Johnson and Will Merrick, used the same screenlife style to convey its story.

Reviews of the movie have commended its social criticism on the constantly online “Gen Z culture” and the entertainment industry’s propensity to capitalise on true crime situations in addition to its visual aspects.

It also emphasised the recent trend of people responding to news of disappearances on well-known social media platforms like TikTok and Reddit, which frequently results in erroneous information and motivates armchair or amateur detectives to incorrectly “solve” the case.

What is there in Missing?

The story of Missing centres around 18-year-old June Allen (Storm Reid), who moved to Van Nuys, California, with her mother Grace (Nia Long) after the passing of her father James (Tim Gryphon). The relationship between June and Grace is having some difficulties because June isn’t too happy about her mom’s new boyfriend, Kevin (Ken Leung), and is more excited about the party she plans to organise with her friends while her mom and Kevin are away in Colombia.

June travels to bring her mother up from the airport following a week of partying, but she never shows. Daniel Henney, an FBI agent working for the US embassy in Colombia, Amy Landecker, a family friend who is also a lawyer.

What happened to Grace Allen?

June is able to deduce that the woman in the photos Kevin sent her from Colombia is not her mother but rather a hired actress (Lauren B. Mosley); Grace was substituted for the actress at some point during the Uber ride and never even made it to LAX. June is shocked to learn that her mother’s real identity is not Grace Allen when the FBI quickly learns this.

Since Kevin uses the same password for almost everything, June hacks Kevin’s gmail account and finds a string of encrypted messages sent to Heather. When June arrives to Heather’s office to confront her, she discovers her dead, along with letters threatening June’s death if Heather speaks and pictures of June.

In Colombia, Kevin is ultimately apprehended and slain, closing the door on Grace. However, June tries one more thing and logs in to view video from a series of security cameras Kevin purchased, which depicts a property in the middle of nowhere. However, Grace is able to identify the wallpaper in one of the home’s rooms thanks to an old film of her and her dad. Before she has a chance to dwell on that, her father James shows up at her door and knocks. As he tries to talk to her and offers to help, June realises something is wrong after the initial shock wears off. When James snatches her, she is placed in the trunk of his car.

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