Ivan Aristeguieta Wikipedia, Wiki, Citizern, Wife, Youtube, Review

Ivan Aristeguieta Wikipedia, Wiki, Citizern, Wife, Youtube, Review

Ivan Aristeguieta Wikipedia, Wiki, Citizern, Wife, Youtube, Review – He is churlish, rude, vindictive, and self-righteous in his public demeanour, especially online and towards fellow believers (you know, those smelly kinds whom Christ died for), despite his love and generally supportive progressive attitudes in our culture. To his credit, he remains the same when the interaction is not taking place online, and I am only one of many people who have had this experience with him.

Ivan Aristeguieta Wikipedia, Wiki, Citizern, Wife, Youtube, Review
Ivan Aristeguieta Wikipedia, Wiki, Citizern, Wife, Youtube, Review

But as I already mentioned, he’s only like that with other believers. When it comes to genuinely discussing difficult topics in public that would get him sent to the naughty corner by the likes of the MSM, notably the ABC in its current form, he is as cowardly as a pussycat.

Nude Tuesday on Stan

The amazing and hilarious New Zealand comedy Nude Tuesday was shot in gibberish and offers several different subtitle options. You have a choice between the ones authored by Celia Pacquola and Ronny Chieng and Julia Davis. It results in two completely different comedic movies.

Kirsty Webeck’s Twitter Feed

Kirsty Webeck is a tweeting machine in addition to being a fantastic stand-up comic. Every day, she tweets one million times. She regularly tweets about her cats Fergie and Joan as well as a variety of ridiculous current events jokes. Cats, dogs, and jokes

Official Bird Anthem

Animal voiceover videos are really entertaining, and @thenatureparty on Instagram has some of the funniest ones. The Official Bird Anthem video is fantastic and comes highly recommended.

Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi, as performed by Gleyf Brauly

In addition to singing, Gleyf Brauly plays the keyboard. He is Brazilian and is capable of performing any cover song in existence. especially 80s and 90s American pop music. Despite the fact that he doesn’t know a word of English, he performs the songs as he imagines them to be.

What your exercise routine reveals about you

Aesthetics expresses his ideas while driving and discussing everything from coffee and tattoos to Australian stores, pizza toppings, and coffee. You cannot convince me otherwise; what he says is absolutely true!

How different dog breeds fight

Jonny Devaney portrays various dog breeds in various scenarios. He does a fantastic job of capturing the character of any breed. I had no idea that picturing a corgi and a Yorkshire terrier fighting could be so comical.

Music-free versions of music videos

Really, I can’t. It’s way too funny to be true. It is often undervalued in movies how powerful the score music can be. It can transform a funny video into a love story. I can snort while watching these vids over and over.

Making a baGuetta, David

The Instagram post by Duncan Evans (also known as @curlykidlife), which featured a video of the well-known DJ David Guetta superimposed over cookery vids, caught my eye. “David making a baGuetta” is the title of this masterpiece. It is faultless.

Drew Lynch: Head injury

You occasionally come across a comedian you’ve never heard of before and immediately like them. One of my greatest finds this year was Drew Lynch. His humour is quite well-written, laid-back, and he has a likeable demeanour. Concussed, his stand-up comedy special, is hilarious.

Little Chef Show

The cutest felt chef you’ll ever find online. He uses a ridiculous Tiny Chef dialect that will make anyone laugh uncontrollably (and which I’ve practically perfected).

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