Jaana Kavonius Wikipedia, Wiki, Twitter, Facebook, Blogi, Youtube

Jaana Kavonius Wikipedia, Wiki, Twitter, Facebook, Blogi, Youtube

Jaana Kavonius Wikipedia, Wiki, Twitter, Facebook, Blogi, Youtube -: The chairman of the Truth Party, Jaana Kavonius, has been accused of several counts of gross and basic defamation this spring. The district court of Länsi-Uusimaa is now hearing three distinct criminal cases, each including a number of distinct criminal charges and interested parties. Lawyers and a district court judge are among the interested parties in addition to private persons.

Jaana Kavonius Wikipedia, Wiki, Twitter, Facebook, Blogi, Youtube
Jaana Kavonius Wikipedia, Wiki, Twitter, Facebook, Blogi, Youtube

The criminal charges against Kavonius have been assigned to three prosecutors, each of whom will be in charge of their own set of allegations in the impending trial. The hearing date has not yet been determined.

Iltalehti’s information indicates that Kavonius must serve a combined sentence of almost five years in unconditional prison for the two sets of charges. The alleged offenses are thought to have started in 2018 and are still being investigated.

Gross defamation carries a range of penalties that can range from a fine to a maximum of two years in prison. Increased penalties may be warranted based on the length of the defamation, the size of the interested parties, and the circulation of the defamatory content to a large audience.

Iltalehti’s research indicates that the prosecutor is currently debating whether to file charges in at least one instance that involves a number of potential criminal suspects and interested parties, and in which Kavonius is also accused of committing egregious defamation.

Emails and videos

An investigation by Iltalehti indicates that Jaana Kavonius is being charged in connection with videos posted on the Truth Party website. Additionally, videos have been posted on other websites, and information about them has been disseminated via a number of social networking sites and bulk emails. Kavonius uploaded images of several persons in his videos and mentioned their names and other identifying information in relation to the alleged defamation.

Over the years, it is believed that negative information about a number of persons has been released. In his writings, Kavonius alleges that both common citizens and government agents have engaged in serious offenses such as assaults and murder attempts. Additionally, he believes that numerous officials engage in unlawful behavior, such as premeditating the results of cases.

Kavonius has continued to release new videos throughout the lengthy criminal investigation, and he has not taken the content that is the focus of the investigation down from his pages.

Police have received several inquiries concerning Kavonius, some of which the prosecutor has decided not to pursue further.

Kavonius has never been convicted of a crime before.

Totuuspoolue was allegedly registered in April in the Finnish party registry, according to Kavonius. A non-corrupt Finland and the dissolution of the official mafia network are the stated objectives of the national conservative Truth Party. The party was established “to restore truth, justice, and legality,” according to the party register.

Jaana Kavonius, the party’s chairman, denies having broken any laws. He claims that when Iltalehti contacted him, it was the first time he had heard of the allegations.

There are rumors that you have been discrediting people for years by publicizing their writing. Do you believe you have shared material of this nature?

I’m not. I’ve written accurate facts and claims Kavonius.

Do the accusations affect how you behave in politics and the party?

Is not. Contrarily, I established this party project and legal defense effort since so many people are facing similar accusations.

Is there any proof?

False information or insinuations about another person that is likely to harm or cause suffering to the aggrieved party are referred to as defamation. Giving everyone worth and respect is what is meant by honor. The legislation’s main goal is to safeguard individuals from libel and the harm that can result from libel.

A defamatory claim can be, for instance, that an official has engaged in dishonesty while performing official duties. Allegations must be supported by substantial proof, and the individual making the allegation must provide that evidence. There is no intention to slander if it is determined that the statements were made with good reason and that there are good reasons to believe they are accurate.

Defamation also includes another disparagement, which is criticizing another person in a different way other than making a false accusation. If the offender knew the message was insulting, then calling someone a name or degrading them is deemed defamation.

Gross defamation occurs when disparaging conduct results in significant suffering or very significant harm.

It was clarified on 30.5 at 8:42 p.m. that a term of up to 2 years in jail could be imposed for gross slander. Kavonius must be punished for a number of offenses.

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