Jakub Banaś Wikipedia, Wiki, Facebook

Jakub Banaś Wikipedia, Wiki, Facebook

Jakub Banaś Wikipedia, Wiki, Facebook – Jakub Bana, the son of NIK President Marian Bana, declared his candidature for the 2023 parliamentary elections during a news conference on Wednesday morning in front of the Supreme Audit Office building. He performed alongside Sawomir Mentzen, one of the Confederation’s leaders. Jakub Bana praised Mentzen and said, “I would like to express a sentiment of great appreciation to you, Slawek, and to all who have worked and are working so that I may stand here today.

Jakub Bana was questioned on the timing of his discussions regarding running for office with the Confederation. We had our initial discussions with the Confederation last year, he responds.

When asked who contacted whom, he responds that he speaks with numerous political organisations “about the effective protection of the independence of the Supreme Audit Office” in his capacity as social adviser to the president of the Supreme Audit Office.

Confederation was a logical step because of our shared understanding of the free market and the idea of the state, according to Jakub Bana to Interia. – We both agree that PiS must be held accountable in order to reconstruct the Polish political scene. There must be a crack in that glass ceiling. The candidate for MP claims that Polish politics needs new blood and that cronyism has to be replaced with meritocracy.

Seven charges and a CBA detention

Two years ago, when Jakub Bana and his wife were returning from vacation, the CBA stopped them at the airport, making them famous. The General Inspector of Financial Information, the Civic Coalition club, and the CBA all submitted notifications to start the legal process that led to the arrests, according to the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Biaystok.

Jakub Bana’s residence had previously been searched by the CBA in order to find records pertaining to the remodelling of his Kraków mansion as well as tax and accounting settlements for businesses in which he and his wife held stock. Jakub Bana and his wife were each accused with seven offences.

How did those items turn out? we enquired of Jakub Bana. They’re not done, yet. They are precisely where they were two years ago. According to Jakub Bana, they were unable to leave the prosecutor’s office and instead skipped court.

He believes that this is done on purpose. – It is awaiting a favourable time when the power camp will feel at ease moving this matter. He says, “I’m hoping it will happen soon.”

The Supreme Audit Office’s Marian Bana and his son Jakub have issues that are connected to the TVN “Superwizjer” report from September 2019. The evidence showed that a boarding house with rooms available by the hour was located in a tenement Marian Bana owned and rented. Additionally, “Superwizjer” claimed that Marian Bana was to omit from his property statements the rental income from a tenement home.

Marian Bana responded that he neither owned nor ran the hotel. He referred to the information as “manipulation to damage his reputation.” He filed a lawsuit against TVN and the content’s author. Jakub Bana filed a lawsuit against the station for violating his privacy.

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