Janelle and Christine Brown Interview

Janelle and Christine Brown Interview

Janelle and Christine Brown Interview – Both Janelle Brown and Christine Brown divorced Kody Brown, but they still see one another as a “sister wife.” The Sister Wives cast members talk openly about their new lives since divorcing polygamist Kody Brown. In 2021, Christine filed for divorce and moved to Utah with Truly Brown, their youngest child.

Janelle and Christine Brown Interview
Janelle and Christine Brown Interview

Christine Brown, star of “Sister Wives,” Talks Engagement David Woolley approving of her marriage to Janelle

“I declare that I am divorced outright. I adore that heading. After Janelle claims she doesn’t frequently use the term, Christine confides to People that she loves stating she’s divorced.

Since then, she has moved on with David Woolley, her fiancĂ©, who has Janelle’s blessing. Christine adds that in October 2022, she and David started communicating after meeting on a dating app. They declared their relationship to the world on Valentine’s Day of last year, and in April they said they were engaged.

He is by far the best guy I know, in all honesty. Christine exclaims about her prospective spouse, “He’s great. “We simply had a great chemistry. I figured out we had something very, extremely unique on our second date.

Given that David is a widowed father of eight children, the mother of six admits that she was “so worried” about combining her and David’s households.

Because I have numerous children and a sister wife, Janelle must accompany me wherever I travel, along with all of her children, as Christine explains. “I’m not the only one. And he responded, “OK.” He understood polygamy and knew enough about it. We simply clicked, and it was simple. He truly understands me. And he comprehends. He doesn’t care about the extensive and somewhat confusing extra baggage I bring. Christine describes her friendship with David as “really simple,” adding, “I didn’t know I could have a simple life.”

Concerning Janelle’s recent position as a single woman, Christine declares that she is “extremely proud” of her sister-wife.

She says, “I would be happy of Janelle if she stayed with Kody too because the decisions she takes are 100% right for her. “I only wanted to see her content and leading the life she decided upon for herself. On the outside, that is. There is a big, gigantic freaking world out there that we knew nothing about, I was always thinking on the inside.

Janelle took things a step further in this latest interview, referring to her 30-year marriage to the polygamist as “over,” and characterizing herself as “single” for the first time, although in the January One-on-One special with interviewer Sukanya Krishnan, she merely called herself “separated.”

“For me at this point in my life because my marriage is over and I’m no longer a part of a plural family, it means I have infinite ability to choose what my next chapter looks like, to redefine myself, recreate myself, and transform into whatever I want to be,” says Janelle. It won’t be all that different from who I am. Let’s face it, I like who I am. However, I now have a ton of great opportunities, so I’m looking forward to this new chapter.

Robyn Brown is Kody’s lone remaining wife after Meri Brown declared in January that she and Kody had “permanently terminated” their marriage. In the People article, Kody also discusses the failed marriages and says, “I could have done a lot better.”

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