Javier Milei Wiki, Net Worth, Wikipedia

Javier Milei Wiki, Net Worth, Wikipedia

Javier Milei Wiki, Net Worth, Wikipedia – The victory of an anti-establishment candidate who supports former President Donald Trump in the nation’s presidential primary elections sent the Argentine peso plummeting on Monday.

Javier Milei Wiki, Net Worth, Wikipedia
Javier Milei Wiki, Net Worth, Wikipedia

After a right-wing contender who admires Trump wins the primary, the Argentinian currency plummets.

By winning the largest percentage of primary votes for president in the October general election to choose the head of a country beset by economic difficulties, Javier Milei shocked Argentina’s political establishment.

Milei, 52, believes that Argentina’s Central Bank should be dissolved and that the peso should be replaced with the dollar. He has claimed that sex education is a scheme to dismantle the family and that climate change is a fraud. Additionally, he has stated that it ought to be lawful to sell human organs.

Argentina places strong restrictions on gun ownership. According to the election program of his party, Milei advocates “the deregulation of the legal market” for guns and “the protection of its legitimate and responsible use by the citizens.”

In response to the unexpected results on Sunday, the government of Argentina decided to weaken the peso by 20% early on Monday morning. In Argentina, two orthodox political alliances have alternated in power for ten years. The nation is currently the newest place where voters have chosen an outsider candidate to protest the status quo.

Operators were anxiously observing Monday as the peso’s value dropped 12% by early afternoon in the parallel, or blue, market. Milei claimed that the administration was attempting to link his triumph to the currency’s decline.

In an interview with cable news channel LN+ on Monday, Milei stated, “One of the things the government is trying to convey is that devaluation and all these things are our fault. Because of the decline in the peso’s value, the already high rate of inflation would rise much more, making it more difficult for regular people to finish the month. Marta Gisela Barrera, a 29-year-old urban recycler who struggles to provide enough food for her four children, stated on Monday morning that “the more the dollar rises, the more expensive things become.” “I have no idea what will happen anymore.”

Argentina’s people must vote or face a symbolic financial penalty. Of the 35 million eligible voters, 69 percent turned out to cast their ballots, selecting candidates for roles ranging from local councilman to president. Since the current system was established in 2009, it was the lowest turnout for presidential primaries.

The presidential candidates for the major parties were in competition. Milei won the election unopposed and scored somewhat higher than the representatives of the parties that have dominated Argentine politics.

The upstart politician with long sideburns and shaggy hair who acquired popularity and a rockstar-like following by fiercely railing against the “political caste” is now a serious contender for the president after performing significantly better than anticipated.

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“We’ve failed 40 times in the past; promise me this time will be different. The main issue is that politicians, who are the source of the issue, hold the key to solving it, according to Milei in the LN+ interview.

Jair Bolsonaro, who served as president of Brazil from 2019 to 2022, shared similar anti-left and anti-social justice views. With a tough-on-crime approach, right-wing populists are also making gains, most notably in El Salvador, where President Nayib Bukele’s popularity has risen despite a campaign against gangs that has resulted in violations of human rights.

According to Millei, if he were to prevail, “my allies would be the United States and Israel,” and he declared he would imitate Trump by moving Argentina’s embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Official results showed that Milei got about 30% of the vote after approximately 97% of the polling places had reported. United for Change, the biggest opposition coalition, had 28% of the vote, while Union for the Homeland, the ruling coalition, had 27% of the vote.

Even in a country where voters typically favor candidates they perceive to be winners, Milei would need to improve his share of the national vote by 15% in order to win the election in two months.

A contender would require 40% of the vote and a 10-point advantage over the runner-up if they didn’t get 45% of the vote. Otherwise, a runoff between the top two candidates would be held in November.

Milei made a promise while celebrating in his election headquarters to put “an end to the parasitic, corrupt and useless political caste that exists in this country.”

“Today we took the first step toward the reconstruction of Argentina,” he declared. It is difficult to create a different Argentina with the same people.

On Monday, Milei’s followers in Buenos Aires appeared to be most thrilled about a newcomer to the scene.

“We always end up going back to the other party, then the other comes back, and it’s a cycle that keeps us in the same situation,” said Clara Costa, a 54-year-old administrative assistant.

Since 2021, Milei has served as a member of the lower chamber of the Argentine Congress.

Argentina is grappling with yearly inflation of over 100%, growing poverty, and a currency that is falling quickly. Milei first gained popularity by proposing that the country switch to the U.S. dollar from the peso.

Milei would require congressional backing, which is exceedingly improbable. Because of this, he has said that he will work to have a referendum or non-binding popular vote on the matter, though it’s not clear if he would be able to do so without the help of MPs.

In response to a question regarding the election in Argentina, the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said that inflation and economic crises “always benefit the right and conservatism, which is somewhat what’s happening in Argentina,” and he brought up the example of Adolf Hitler. He soon clarified that he wasn’t directly comparing the two, but added that it was “important to remember” that “inflation actually helped” Hitler gain power.

The results were praised by Bolsonaro’s legislator son, Eduardo Bolsonaro, who called it “an excellent start to what could be the real change that Argentina needs.” Days before the primary elections, the former president Bolsonaro released a little video wishing Milei well.

The main opposition group, United for Change, shifted to the right as former Security Minister Patricia Bullrich easily defeated a more moderate challenger. Bullrich made toughness on crime a key component of her campaign.

Economy Minister Sergio Massa of the Union for the Homeland, the coalition that is now in power, handily defeated a socialist challenger, but he nevertheless came in third in the overall vote count due to voters’ frustration with the weak status of the economy.

Party officials at Milei’s election headquarters were overjoyed as supporters rejoiced outside, expressing confidence that their candidate’s support would continue to increase in the months leading up to October.

“I like his ideas about freedom,” said Orlando Sánchez, a 26-year-old employee in retail. “Why can’t a regular citizen possess a gun legally and with the necessary documents if criminals can do so while walking around with firearms on their belts? People are definitely fed up with politics and the incessant lying.

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