Jeff Bush Sinkhole Wikipedia, Reddit, Video

Jeff Bush Sinkhole Wikipedia, Reddit, Video

Jeff Bush Sinkhole Wikipedia, Reddit, Video – Over the past few days, a disturbing Reddit thread of a guy who was sucked into a sinkhole in Florida on March 1, 2013, has reappeared.

Jeff Bush Sinkhole Wikipedia, Reddit, Video
Jeff Bush Sinkhole Wikipedia, Reddit, Video

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When a sinkhole appeared beneath Jeff Bush’s house in Seffner, Florida, he was dozing off. According to The Guardian, the opening was around 6 metres (20 feet) across and deep. His brother Jeremy and Jeremy’s partner Rachel could hear it from another room.

At the moment, Rachel told ABC Action News, “We heard Jeff scream.” We entered the door after running down the hallway, I turned on the light, and all we could see was a large hole. Jeff had already left.

A Hillsborough County constable had to pull Jeremy to safety after he dove into the hole to try to save his brother because the ground kept collapsing around him.

“I didn’t care that the floor was still giving way and that the dirt was falling. According to Jeremy, I wanted to save my brother. But I was unable to do anything.

I swore I heard him call out to me to assist him. Bush’s body was swallowed by the sinkhole along with bedroom furnishings, and rescuers were unable to find it. Engineers decided the next day that it was too risky to try to rescue anyone else from the home or the ground, so it was destroyed and the hole was filled with gravel. A few years later, the location—which was now gated off to visitors—saw the sinkhole reopen.

Florida, which has a lot of limestone, is particularly prone to sinkholes.

The US Geological Survey explains that sinkholes are most prevalent on “karst terrain,” as they are known to geologists. These are areas where the many kinds of rock beneath the surface of the soil can be spontaneously dissolved by groundwater flowing through them. Gypsum, limestone, and other carbonate rocks are examples of soluble rocks, along with salt domes and beds.

Caverns are left beneath the surface when the rock beneath has been dissolved. A sinkhole is produced when the unstable surface collapses into the cavern. They range in size from extremely little to the enormous structure seen at Xiaozhai Tiankeng, also called the Xiaozhai Heavenly Pit. The alleged greatest sinkhole in the world is said to be 662 metres (1,667-2,172 feet) deep and 537 metres (1,762 feet) broad.

Jeff Bush Sinkhole Wikipedia, Reddit, Video

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