Jim Obazee Wikipedia, Wiki, Biography, Profile

Jim Obazee Wikipedia, Wiki, Biography, Profile

Jim Obazee Wikipedia, Wiki, Biography, Profile – Jim Obazee, who was dismissed as the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria’s (FRC) executive secretary on Monday, has a history of controversy.Since being hired in November 2010, Obazee has never displayed any distaste for controversy.

Jim Obazee Wikipedia, Wiki, Biography, Profile
Jim Obazee Wikipedia, Wiki, Biography, Profile

He may have lost his job as a result of the most recent dispute he found himself involved in regarding the application of the corporate governance code.

He was reappointed as the FRC executive secretary in 2015 for a further four-year term that would end in 2018.

He has been charged with numerous offenses, including sexual harassment and disobedience.

Additionally, he had a tense relationship with Minister of Industry, Trade, and Investment Okechukwu Enelamah, who had asked him to suspend the bill but whom he had refused.


In 2013, one Abimbola Yakubu, his three-year personal assistant, accused Obazee of sexual harassment. He refuted the claim nevertheless.

Yakubu claimed in a letter to the FRC board that Obazee had frequently threatened to fire her if she didn’t give in to his arousing behavior.

“Throughout the years I worked with him, I was consistently closing as late as 10 p.m., and sometimes even later. I have always been highly devoted, committed, and true to my duties. I have never once displayed any form of disobedience. I observed the Executive Secretary’s attitude toward me had altered at the beginning of this year,” she stated.

I met with him on numerous occasions and asked him what I had done wrong, but he never responded. Instead, he yelled and screamed at me, screaming things like, “When I am done with you, you will cry,” and “When I am done with you, you will hang yourself.” I therefore retreated and remained to myself. He persisted in having this attitude toward me, refusing to interact with me and delegating to my subordinates the tasks I should be performing.

“As a government servant, I finish up quite late at night, not because we have a lot of work to do, but because that’s when he finds it most convenient to tell me how much he loves me.

He makes sure that everyone has left the building before approaching us with his requests. I thank God for the kind of understanding husband I was able to marry.

Additionally, from the very beginning of the advances, I told my husband about every sexual gesture and request he made. My spouse is well aware of what is happening, but he still has faith in me. Even after I informed the Executive Secretary that my husband is aware of his actions, he told me that there is no such thing as trust and that all men are envious and would never allow their wives to go through such.

He would occasionally contact me very late at night to let me know he was on his way to my hotel when we slept in other places, as when we were in Abuja.

She continued, saying that Obazee later moved her to a Kaduna corner office where she would “suffer” and that he eventually fired her. Despite the charges, Obazee received no investigation. He vehemently rejected them, claiming that Yakubu was fired due of her track record of subpar performance at work.

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Jim Obazee Wikipedia, Wiki, Biography, Obazee, Profile

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