Jocelyn Dupuis Wikipedia, Ftq, Net Worth, Son, Wiki, Age

Jocelyn Dupuis Wikipedia, Ftq, Net Worth, Son, Wiki, Age

Jocelyn Dupuis Wikipedia, Ftq, Net Worth, Son, Wiki, Age – A guy who reportedly served as the Italian Mafia’s point of contact with Quebec’s most influential construction union has started giving testimony at the provincial corruption investigation.

Jocelyn Dupuis Wikipedia, Ftq, Net Worth, Son, Wiki, Age
Jocelyn Dupuis Wikipedia, Ftq, Net Worth, Son, Wiki, Age

Jocelyn Dupuis, a former director-general of the FTQ’s building wing, appeared at ease when he took the witness stand on Thursday and answered questions with ease.

Testimony at the Charbonneau investigation about alleged Mafia-union ties begins.

Dupuis began his presentation by responding to inquiries concerning the fundamental organisation of the construction union while donning an open-collared shirt and a tan suit.

At least half a dozen times, he made reference to his book Union Reps or Thugs? Along with being a working guy, he identified himself as a “born unifier.”

The accusations of a former union member and the wiretapped phone calls collected by the provincial police during a separate investigation have severely hurt Dupuis.

The investigation has already heard him on wiretaps chatting about a senior suspected Mafia figure named Raynald Desjardins, who is already behind bars on murder-related charges.

Dupuis looked to be manipulating the election to select his successor in other recordings. He was overheard saying in one recording, “I’m the one who controlled that vote.”

However, he laughed at the notion that union elections were rigged on Thursday, claiming that the labour movement was actually “democratic.”

Dupuis, a former crane operator who oversaw the construction division for 11 years, was fired in 2008 due to a dispute concerning his cost claims.

After that, he worked for a decontamination company that, according to the investigation, was headed by the alleged Mafioso Desjardins. Dupuis is not anticipated to cooperate as a witness. He declared he disagreed with the inquiry’s calling right away in his testimony.

Photos revealed Dupuis’ intimate associations with Tony Accurso, a former influential person in the province’s construction business who is currently facing numerous criminal accusations. Dupuis admitted that he participated in as many as 150.

Dupuis, who called Accurso a friend, said: “Mr. Accurso was one of the biggest business owners in the construction industry, so it was in our interest to establish relations with him.”

“A [union] president’s or director’s work is not 8 to 5; rather, it is a job that is seven days a week,” Our responsibility is to make sure that our employees get hired and referred to various businesses.

The investigation viewed images of Dupuis and Accurso having fun together on his birthday and other special occasions. Henri Massé, the veteran FTQ leader, was among others who were also captured on camera.

When the two of them went out to supper at Accurso’s restaurant, commission attorney Denis Gallant questioned if Dupuis ever paid. Always, well, maybe not always. That would be a falsehood, according to Dupuis. “Paying was difficult while you were around Mr. Accurso.”

Dupuis is going to court on fraud charges related to his allegedly exaggerated expenditure claims. Dupuis allegedly created tens of thousands of fake invoices, earning him $125,000, according to the crown.

Dupuis was also friends with Normand (Casper) Ouimet, a purported Hells Angels member who is currently facing charges for a variety of offences, including his alleged involvement in 22 murders, according to a former union member who recently testified.

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