Lonnie Kocontes Wikipedia, Law Firm, Wiki, Wife, Salary

Lonnie Kocontes Wikipedia, Law Firm, Wiki, Wife, Salary

Lonnie Kocontes Wikipedia, Law Firm, Wiki, Wife, Salary – An ex-lawyer from California who killed his ex-wife in 2006 by strangling her and throwing her body off a cruise ship near Italy will live in prison for the rest of his days.

Lonnie Kocontes Wikipedia, Law Firm, Wiki, Wife, Salary
Lonnie Kocontes Wikipedia, Law Firm, Wiki, Wife, Salary

Micki Kanesaki, 52, was found dead in the Mediterranean Sea on May 27, 2006, off the coast of Paola, Italy. Lonnie Loren Kocontes, 62, was found guilty of her murder and was given a life sentence without the chance of parole on Friday. Kocontes was accused of murdering Kanesaki in order to profit.

In order to keep her from testifying about the murder of Kanesaki, his second ex-wife, Kocontes was also charged with planning to have his third ex-wife killed.

According to Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer, “The defendant thought he had planned the ideal crime and lured his prey to her death with a Mediterranean cruise.” He killed his ex-wife at the ideal time and in the ideal placeā€”the ship’s stateroom. And he nearly escaped murder. Spitzer said that Kanesaki was strangled before being thrown overboard and was Kocontes’ undoing.

Former attorney sentenced to life in prison for killing and dumping ex-wife from cruise ship in 2006

The district attorney claimed that because she passed away before getting into the water, her lungs were filled with air rather than water, which caused her to float. “And by some miracle, her corpse was found. We were able to find him guilty of murder thanks to that error in judgement.

“After 14 years, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office never gave up on bringing justice for Micki Kanesaki, and Micki’s family never lost hope that this day would come.”

According to the Orange County Register, the trial was postponed for years as authorities decided whether Orange County could prosecute Kocontes for a murder that occurred in international waters. Ultimately, it was allowed to go forward on the grounds that Kocontes had planned the murder in California.

The three-month trial, which started in February, also experienced a protracted pause when the COVID-19 outbreak forced courts to close. In June, Kocontes was found guilty of murder. Toshi Kanesaki, Micki Kanesaki’s brother, referred to Kocontes as a “vicious, cruel, evil person,” according to the Register.


He also referred to Kocontes as a sociopath and a cold-blooded killer. According to him, his younger sister “got the last revenge” when her body was discovered in the waters close to Italy, according to NBC Los Angeles.

He replied, “You are rotten to the core,” when Kocontes was sentenced. “I want to never see you again.” The niece of Micki Kanesaki, Julie Saranita, also spoke on Friday. According to Saranita, “He is a man devoid of what makes us human,” the Register reported.

According to NBC Los Angeles, Kocontes initially denied killing his ex-wife and later accused Toshi Kanesaki of “abandoning” his sister. Judge Richard King of the Superior Court reprimanded the defendant, claiming that the victim’s relationship with her brother had no bearing on the proceedings. King commanded him to cease hitting the victim.

“I supported Micki Kanesaki during serious depressive episodes. With her, I attended counselling, Kocontes reportedly told the Register and the NBC affiliate. “I tried my hardest to assist Micki Kanesaki in overcoming her sadness. No, I didn’t kill Micki Kanesaki.

King remained unfazed and told Kocontes that he was certain of the murderer’s identity. No doubt about the defendant’s guilt exists in the eyes of this court, King declared.

According to Spitzer, a jury convicted Kocontes guilty of one count of first-degree murder with the addition of the specific circumstance of murder for financial gain. Kocontes is being sued by the state for around $1 million in damages.

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