Maid For Revenge true story

Maid For Revenge true story

Maid For Revenge true story – Lifetime’s true-story-inspired film “Maid For Revenge” centers on a young maid who struggles and becomes involved in a murder investigation.

Maid For Revenge true story
Maid For Revenge true story

Is Maid For Revenge true story or not?

Yes, “Maid for Revenge” is a Lifetime film based on a true story that will premiere on May 13, 2023, at 8 p.m. EST. The main character of the movie is a struggling young maid who wakes up next to her client’s bloody pool, finds the owner dead in the water, and learns that her 8-year-old son’s life is in danger. With no memory of what happened, she sets out to find out what happened, which leads to an exciting tale of murder, deceit, and uncertainty.

The film, which stars Kathryn Kohut and Matt Wells, aims to enthrall audiences with its thrilling plot and real-life inspiration.”Maid for Revenge” is a part of Lifetime’s portfolio of true-crime films and exemplifies the network’s dedication to providing suspenseful dramas based on contemporary issues. This movie is guaranteed to keep viewers on the edge of their seats with its gripping narrative and engaging acting, whether you watch it on cable or stream it through other platforms.

Maid For Revenge Movie

“Maid for Revenge” is a riveting Lifetime television film that tells a fascinating story of murder, deceit, and bewilderment. The film, which was written and directed by Justin D. James and Shawn Riopelle, centers on Annie Wilkerson, a young maid who struggles and wakes up covered in blood next to her client’s swimming pool. Her client’s 8-year-old son’s life is in danger after she horrifyingly finds the owner dead in the ocean.

With her memory hazy and her innocence in doubt, Annie rushes against time to learn the truth about the murder while struggling to recall the circumstances that led to this horrible discovery.Strong performances by Kathryn Kohut as Annie Wilkerson, Billy (Matt Wells), and Barbara Gordon as Elizabeth Hale lift the film. Viewers are put on a rollercoaster of tension and surprising turns as the plot develops.

The mystery is explored in depth in the movie, keeping the audience interested and keeping them guessing right up until the very end. A fascinating and intriguing film, “Maid for Revenge” will appeal to viewers who enjoy mysteries and thrillers because of its compelling plot and outstanding cast.

Maid For Revenge Plot

In the movie “Maid for Revenge,” Annie, a young maid who is struggling, has a nightmare in which she wakes up covered in blood next to her client’s pool. Her son, who is eight years old, is in danger after she horrifyingly finds the homeowner’s dead body in the water. When Annie finds she has no recall of the incidents that led to this horrifying scene, her shock and confusion increase.

Annie sets out on a desperate quest to put together the events of that tragic night because she is determined to safeguard the child and find the truth. To find the true perpetrators of the tragedy, she must weave through a labyrinth of lies and deception as she digs deeper into the inquiry and confronts terrible secrets. In the midst of the confusion, Annie makes a surprising alliance with Billy, a mysterious stranger whose past is connected to the current situation.

They work together in a race against time to solve the puzzles as Annie struggles with her own hazy memories and a mounting sense of peril. A gripping story of suspense, betrayal, and the unrelenting quest for justice, “Maid for Revenge” transports audiences on an exhilarating journey as the truth gradually comes to light.

Maid For Revenge Cast

ActorCharacter Name
Kathryn KohutAnnie Wilkerson
Matt WellsBilly
Barbara GordonElizabeth Hale
Terry RyanMaynard Barnes
Tim MylesMarcus
Ryan BannonHank Darrow
Robert ParsonSamuel Primm
Lincoln MacNeilTate
Zara MatthewsKaty
Bruce MarshallRadio Announcer
Maid For Revenge true story

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