Manoj Malde Wikipedia, Gardem Designer. Partner, Wife, Family, Age

Manoj Malde Wikipedia, Gardem Designer. Partner, Wife, Family, Age

Manoj Malde Wikipedia, Gardem Designer. Partner, Wife, Family, Age – Awarded garden designer Manoj Malde married his lover Clive Gillmor in the garden he created, marking the first wedding to take place at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Manoj Malde Wikipedia, Gardem Designer. Partner, Wife, Family, Age
Manoj Malde Wikipedia, Gardem Designer. Partner, Wife, Family, Age

The RHS Ambassador for inclusion and diversity, Manoj, who served as a designer on BBC’s Your Garden Made Perfect and a judge on More4’s Garden of the Year, marked his first year in the position with a unique garden and ceremony for Chelsea 2023.

Manoj Malde weds on a garden at the first wedding ever to be held at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Manoj designed an RHS Feature Garden in collaboration with the Eastern Eye newspaper that has a motivational message at its core. The RHS and Eastern Eye Garden of Unity emphasises sustainability through peat-free planting, the use of reused materials, and drought-resistant landscaping in addition to having accessible features (bright posts with braille words).

On Monday morning (May 22), Manoj and Clive were married in front of loved ones. Adam Frost remarked that Chelsea was “quite a beautiful place to get married” during BBC Two’s broadcast of the event. Manoj concurred and said, “What a chance to design my own wedding venue as well!

I’m thrilled,’ Manoj earlier said when discussing the wedding. It’ll be extremely lovely to have that tradition as well. We had the clothing manufactured in India, and I invited all the females in my family to wear saris.

The first RHS Chelsea wedding will be between a homosexual Indian guy and a gay Irish man, so how in the world is anyone going to call the RHS elitist?

Although there has been a proposal before—just go back to Mark Gregory’s Welcome to Yorkshire Garden in 2019—a Chelsea Flower Show wedding is undoubtedly a first. However, Manoj stated that the decision to exchange vows at an RHS Chelsea garden took six years to come up with.

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‘Clive, my partner, had contacted the RHS to ask if we could get married on the garden that I had designed when I produced my Beneath a Mexican Sky garden at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2017. They were actually very motivated at this point, but time was not on our side.

Manoj says his garden design is rooted in community, with the driving philosophy being that gardens and gardening are for everyone regardless of race, colour, creed, sexual orientation, or disability. Manoj’s responsibility as an RHS Ambassador is to look at how the Society can guarantee it is accessible to all.

In order to make it really inclusive, he added, “I wanted it to be about people who are less physically fit, people who might have poor eyesight, but also people who are from different communities as well.” The LGBT community is very important to me, so I want to make sure they are included as well. I also wanted it to include the African and Afro Caribbean community, the Chinese community, and the Punjabi and Sikh communities.

Manoj’s Indian origin inspired the orange and pink colour scheme found across the vibrant timbers, which creates a stunning backdrop to the planting—and there are a lot of plants. Manoj added, “That’s what I’m going for, that when you’re sitting in this garden, you feel immersed and protected.”

While a fractured civilization is represented by hexagonal slabs placed separately. But as we all know, when a fractured society truly begins to unite and function as a single entity, that’s when good things begin to happen, he adds.

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