Manuele Ilari Wikipedia, Wiki, Reggina

Manuele Ilari Wikipedia, Wiki, Reggina

Manuele Ilari Wikipedia, Wiki, Reggina – The transfer of control of the club happens in the midst of the legal fight for admission to the upcoming Serie B, which will take place at the TAR after the first two failures that eliminated the Calabrians from the league. In actuality, Manuele Ilari purchased the entire share package from Felice Saladini. This is the official statement:

“Manuele Ilari purchased 100% of the shares in Reggina 1914. Today, the agreement between Ilari and the businesses run by Felice Saladini and Angelo Ferraro, who collectively owned all the shares in the football team, was signed.

Saladini, Reggina, passes the hand: Manuele Ilari is the new club owner.

“We have made the best decision for the future of the Club,” Felice Saladini remarked. We will continue to fight for Reggina to be granted entry to the upcoming Serie B championship, a right we have won both on the pitch and by strict adherence to State legislation.

“I thank Saladini and Ferraro for the work of reorganising the Club that they have carried out in the past year,” proclaims Manuele Ilari. I take on the responsibility of continuing the growth and development of one of Southern Italy’s most fascinating clubs. Additionally, I would like to thank Guild Capital Partners, with whom we will continue to work towards a successful corporate restructuring for Reggina’s future.

The lawyer served as the buyer’s legal counsel. Jeremy Amato. A press conference for the presentation will soon be held.

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