Martín Pradenas Wikipedia, Wiki, eDad, Familia, Biografia

Martín Pradenas Wikipedia, Wiki, eDad, Familia, Biografia

Martín Pradenas Wikipedia, Wiki, eDad, Familia, Biografia – This Friday, the Chilean judiciary sentenced 31-year-old Martn Pradenas to 17 years in jail for seven sexual offenses committed against six victims between 2010 and 2019. This case, which has been ongoing for three years, is emblematic of the South American nation’s feminist struggle. It all began in 2019 when Antonia Barra, then 21 years old, was accused of being raped. Three weeks after the attack, the young victim committed herself, inspiring thousands of other women to take to the streets in quest of retribution. Barra’s family and the prosecutor’s office asked for a 40-year prison sentence for the “sexual predator.”

Martín Pradenas Wikipedia, Wiki, eDad, Familia, Biografia
Martín Pradenas Wikipedia, Wiki, eDad, Familia, Biografia

The guy who sexually assaulted Antonia Barra, a 21-year-old woman whose suicide speechless Chile, was given a 17-year prison term.

In a case that shook Chile, Martn Pradenas, the man accused of raping Antonia Barra, a 21-year-old woman who committed herself following the incident, was given a 17-year prison term by Chilean justice.

South of Santiago, in Temuco, the Oral Criminal Court convicted Pradenas guilty of this and six additional sexual offenses against victims older than 14 and one younger.

The southern Chilean towns of Temuco and Pucón are the locations of the crimes, which were committed between 2010 and 2019.

Barra’s family and other victims claimed they were unhappy with the punishment even though the defendant was found guilty; the prosecutor’s office had asked for Pradenas to receive a 40-year term.

Alejandro Barra, Antonia’s father, said to the local press after learning of the court’s decision, “It is not a sentence that satisfies us, it is just a remedy that does not completely calm us down.”

“No sentence, neither the 40 nor the 100 years that they give to the defendant or a convicted person, will calm the tremendous pain of having lost our beautiful daughter,” the man continued.

Martn Pradenas was asked to serve 40 years in prison by the prosecutor's office.
Martn Pradenas was asked to serve 40 years in prison by the prosecutor’s office.

Two cases, two judgments

Two trials were conducted on Pradenas. The first one came to an end in August 2022 when he received a 20-year prison term. However, the conviction was revoked by the Chilean Supreme Court after it was claimed that the court issuing the punishment lacked impartiality.

Initially, the defendant was placed under home arrest but not kept in custody as a preventive measure by the judge who certified Antonia Barra’s rape.

Additionally, he downplayed the evidence that was offered during a court proceeding that was broadcast live to an audience of more than a million people and guaranteed that the charges of two additional victims had been proven false.

The administration of justice in Chile sparked street protests, barricades, and pot-banging to the cries of the stirring feminist anthem “The Rapist is You!” and the cry of “Justice for Antonia.”

In response to the Prosecutor’s request, the Temuco Court of Appeals looked into the case and canceled the home arrest in favor of preventive imprisonment.

The court declared Pradenas, who was 28 at the time, to be “a danger to society,” according to the Chilean newspaper La Tercera.

The same charges were examined during the second trial, which ended this Friday and lasted 37 days.

The case’s resolution was welcomed by Chile’s Minister of Women and Gender Equality, Antonia Orellana.

He stated that it was crucial for the victims to be able to obtain justice and for the crimes they endured to be authenticated.

“We want to insist that the gender perspective in justice is not something that clouds impartiality, but that it is precisely the case that in cases of sexual violence like this, it is shown that the culprit is the aggressor and not the victim who has to prove that He is innocent, that he did not deserve the attack he received,” continued Orellana.

What Happened to Antonia Barra?

In the early hours of September 18, 2019, Antonia Barra awoke in a cabin (a type of vacation rental) in Pucón, Chile. Her body was on top of Pradenas’. She yelled at him to get away from her before dressing and walking out.

With her buddy and her lover, Barra traveled to that city and visited a nightclub. The harassment of Pradenas would have started there and been caught on camera.

The young woman’s story is revealed in the text and audio communications that she sent to several pals over WhatsApp and that the Prosecutor’s Office made public.

Barra said that Pradenas sexually assaulted her, but she refrained from reporting it out of concern for her parents’ reaction. As a result, she remained silent until October 12, 2019. She informed her ex-boyfriend Rodrigo Canario of the attack over the phone that day. His sexuality had been tortured.

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