Mary Cherry Chua real story

Mary Cherry Chua real story

Mary Cherry Chua real story – Here in the Philippines, this urban legend is quite well-liked. When the story was published in the book True Philippine Ghost Stories(book 2), it gained even greater popularity. Now, it’s up to you whether or not you believe the account.

Is Mary Cherry Chua real story or not?

Mary Cherry Chua was a fresh-faced high school girl attending an elite institution in Manila. She was well-known at her school not only for her beauty but also for her intelligence and kindness. She was also from a wealthy background. She was, in a word, Miss Popular at her school. She was portrayed as a young girl in the tales, with long black hair, creamy white complexion, chinky black eyes, and a perpetual smile.

Mary Cherry had to remain late one day in class due to an activity. When she bid goodbye to her friends, it was already getting close to dusk. Later that evening, Mary Cherry’s anxious parents called each of her classmates to inquire if they had seen their daughter because she had still not arrived home. This was highly uncommon because Mary Cherry always promptly leaves for home after school. None of Mary Cherry’s classmates, however, knew where she was.

Mary Cherry’s body was discovered the next morning in the large schoolyard, hidden behind a bush. Her skirt reached her chest, her panty was discovered below her ankles, and she was strangled to death with her own necktie—clear signs that she had been sexually assaulted.

Her lips was still open, so it was clear that she was gasping for air as her attacker choked her. Of course, her distraught, indignant parents screamed out for justice for their daughter.

At the time, it was a tremendous controversy. Damage control was necessary since the incident would not only reflect poorly on the school and its students (all of whom were girls), but also on the institution itself. If the school wanted to retain its kids, it needed to quickly identify and apprehend the offender.
The fact that the rapist came forward voluntarily was wonderful fortune for the institution. It turned out to be the school caretaker who had just been let go after being discovered to be napping at work.

He chose Mary Cherry because she was one of the most popular girls there since he knew that raping a student would reflect poorly on the institution. After committing his crime, he felt incredibly horrible, and because his conscience kept bothering him, he chose to give himself up.

The caretaker was imprisoned, and as a tribute to Mary Cherry, the school administration built a stone bench with the inscription “In Memory of Mary Cherry Chua” on it right where her body was discovered. The story doesn’t end there, though.

The school’s pupils claimed that anyone who dared to sit on that bench would become possessed by Mary Cherry Chua. She’ll be made to experience what Mary Cherry did in her final moments on earth. Some people who happen to walk by that stone bench at dusk occasionally notice a young girl crying nearby, possibly because her promising future was robbed from her.

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