Mary Stauffer Wikipedia, Wiki, Story, Age, Scars, Cast

Mary Stauffer Wikipedia, Wiki, Story, Age, Scars, Cast

Mary Stauffer Wikipedia, Wiki, Story, Age, Scars, Cast – In 1980, she and her 8-year-old daughter were taken hostage at gunpoint and imprisoned for 53 days while being repeatedly raped. Mary Stauffer, a former teacher, found out who was torturing her on the second day of her kidnapping: Ming Sen Shiue, a former ninth-grade math student from 15 years prior.

Mary Stauffer Wikipedia, Wiki, Story, Age, Scars, Cast
Mary Stauffer Wikipedia, Wiki, Story, Age, Scars, Cast

When Mary, aged 36, was reminded of him by Shiue, 29, who had forgotten him at first, Mary had no recollection of anything ominous about him.

Very luminous. very competent a pupil. Simply an ordinary ninth grader, says Stauffer to PEOPLE.

Nothing about the teenage Shiue’s behavior indicated that he would develop a love for Mary, spend years following her, or that he would attempt to abduct her at least four times before becoming successful. Nothing could have prepared Mary and her daughter Beth for the terror they would encounter while being tied up inside Shiue’s Minnesota home in a closet that was only 21 inches wide and 4 feet long for days.

Shiue, who killed a six-year-old boy who had watched the kidnapping in progress, would sexually attack Mary while recording it and coerce her into complying by threatening Beth. He constantly played mind games with them, threatening to kill them and the rest of their family if they made an attempt to flee.

Every day, Mary recalls, “we wondered if it would be our last day.” We had little faith that we would survive it unscathed.

Abducted: The Mary Stauffer Story, which airs on Lifetime on Saturday, October 5 at 8/7c and stars Alyson Hannigan as Mary, centers on their trauma. (An exclusive trailer for the movie is displayed above.) Mary claims that through having her story told on TV, other survivors can see that they’re not crazy and that their experiences don’t have to define them.

She claims that “many people have experienced really terrible things; many women have been raped.” They must be shown that there is hope for the future.

Shiue claimed to Mary that she had ruined his life by giving him a B in algebra. As a result, he was unable to receive a scholarship for college and was compelled to enlist in the Vietnam War, where he claimed to have ended up as a prisoner of war.

The truth is that Shiue attended the University of Minnesota and was named “Most Likely to Succeed” by his high school classmates. He then opened a prosperous electronics store. He was not a combatant in Vietnam.

Do you believe an angel will allow us to come out of the closet?

Mary tried to persuade Beth that all will turn out even though she had her reservations about whether she would survive. Mary, a devoted Christian, would share Bible tales with Beth to keep her upbeat, such as the one about the apostle Peter who was incarcerated and was scheduled to be executed the following day but was instead saved when God sent an angel.

Do you suppose an angel will let us out of the closet and allow us to return home, Beth questioned? Mary reflects.

According to Beth, she and her mother were going through a terrible situation and she recognized it, but because she was young, “I didn’t have enough life experience to fully process what was happening.”

“I never realized that [Mary] was being raped throughout the kidnappings. I was protected from that, the woman claims.

Beth has a few clear memories now that she is a parent and grandparent, but most of her memories are a combination of what she actually experienced and what she was told happened next. She finds it particularly offensive that Shiue used her as a pawn “to control and manipulate my mom.”

When Shiue was raping Mary, he once griped that she wasn’t showing him any physical affection. He brought Beth out of the closet and told Mary that she would suffocate after few minutes if she didn’t place a plastic bag over her head and put it under her feet. After Mary kissed him on the mouth, he finally removed it.

Beth didn’t quite understand the tragedy, but Mary did. She clung to her religious conviction that, even if she didn’t know how, everything will somehow turn out for the best.

“Understanding [what was happening] was not our duty. It needed to have faith that the Lord would resolve this in his own manner and time, she said.

Mary, who claims she is not mechanically inclined, saw something about how Shiue was holding them in place on their 53rd day in captivity while Shiue was at work: There was a cable joining Mary and Beth, and the cable was secured to a hinge pin on the closet door. Mary and Beth would be able to leave the house if she could remove the hinge pin.

Nobody was more shocked than she was when the hinge pin came out like it had been oiled when she went to remove it.

Mary identified herself when she dialed the police. They appeared to be waiting an eternity for help from the authorities. Since it was taking so long, Mary and Beth shifted their waiting spot to the backyard out of concern that Shiue would discover them before police arrived. He had been effective in making them believe that he was keeping an eye on them at all times, even when he wasn’t there. Two unmarked automobiles drove into the driveway while they were hiding in the shadows behind an old car in the backyard.

Beth and Mary were on their way home. Shiue was subsequently detained at his place of employment.

At the trial, a kidnapper attacked Mary.

Shiue entered her in-laws’ home under the pretense that it belonged to Mary five years before he abducted Mary and Beth. He tied the pair up and held them at gunpoint, threatening to kill them if they called the police. Mary and her family weren’t made aware of the crime until after her kidnapping since they were told to comply.

They were terrorized by Shiue even though he was in captivity. He had sworn to Mary that if he was apprehended, he would track her down after being freed from jail, and if she were already dead, he would search for her children. He offered another prisoner $50,000 to kill the two so they wouldn’t be able to testify against him while he was in jail awaiting trial.

While Mary was testifying at his trial for the kidnapping of her and Beth, Shiue got up from his seat at the defense table and charged Mary, but he was stopped before he could hurt her. Shiue, however, sneaked a knife into the courtroom during his trial for the murder of the six-year-old boy, Jason Wilkman, and lunged at Mary again as she was giving a statement, stabbing her in the face. 62 stitches were necessary for the wound.

Shiue was ultimately found guilty of murdering Wilkman and abducting Mary and Beth. He was denied parole in 2010, and a judge ruled that he would serve the remainder of his life behind bars.

The family relocated back to the Philippines to continue their Christian missionary work after the trials were finished and the media attention subsided. They were able to recover a sense of normalcy by leaving the U.S. They became aware that they weren’t the only ones who had suffered because they were in a nation with greater percentages of poverty and crime.

Mary and Beth now take satisfaction in their capacity to have happy lives rather than, in Mary’s words, “live in that horrible moment forever.”

According to Beth, Shiue said that he just wanted to inflict emotional damage. He deprived us of 53 days of life. Evil will triumph if I allow him to have one more, and I won’t allow that to happen.

Beth and Mary were on their way home. Shiue was subsequently detained at his place of employment.

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