Most Runs in a Day in Test Cricket by a Player

Most Runs in a Day in Test Cricket by a Player

Most Runs in a Day in Test Cricket by a Player – In this article, we are going to provide you with information with respect to the given topic. In this context, we will provide you with who has the most runs in a day as test cricket by player. We will provide you with the list of all that players. So read this article till the last.

Most Runs in a Day in Test Cricket by a Player
Most Runs in a Day in Test Cricket by a Player

Don Bradman

Don Bradman holds the record for the most runs scored in a single day in a Test Match. He was an Australian Batsman who had scored 309 runs on the first day of the Leeds Test in 1930. He finished with 334 off 448 deliveries with 44 fours in his innings.

PlayerRunsStartFinishTeamOppositionGroundMatch Date
DG Bradman3090309*Australiav EnglandLeeds11 Jul 1930
WR Hammond29541*336Englandv New ZealandAuckland31 Mar 1933
V Sehwag2840284*Indiav Sri LankaBrabourne2 Dec 2009
DCS Compton2735*278Englandv PakistanNottingham1 Jul 1954
DG Bradman2710271*Australiav EnglandLeeds20 Jul 1934
V Sehwag25752*309*Indiav South AfricaChennai26 Mar 2008
DG Bradman2440244Australiav EnglandThe Oval18 Aug 1934
DA Warner2440244*Australiav New ZealandPerth13 Nov 2015
FMM Worrell2390239*West Indiesv EnglandNottingham20 Jul 1950
KK Nair23271*303Indiav EnglandChennai16 Dec 2016
HH Gibbs2280228South Africav PakistanCape Town2 Jan 2003
V Sehwag2280228*Indiav PakistanMultan28 Mar 2004
BC Lara22786*313*West Indiesv EnglandSt John’s10 Apr 2004
MJ Clarke2240224*Australiav South AfricaAdelaide22 Nov 2012
DG Bradman2230223*Australiav West IndiesBrisbane16 Jan 1931
WR Hammond2230223*Englandv New ZealandChristchurch24 Mar 1933
GC Smith2230223*South Africav BangladeshChattogram29 Feb 2008
MA Taylor222112*334*Australiav PakistanPeshawar15 Oct 1998
NJ Astle2220222New Zealandv EnglandChristchurch13 Mar 2002
KC Sangakkara2220222*Sri Lankav BangladeshKandy11 Jul 2007
CH Gayle2190219*West Indiesv Sri LankaGalle15 Nov 2010
WR Hammond2170217Englandv IndiaThe Oval15 Aug 1936
RE Foster21473*287Englandv AustraliaSydney11 Dec 1903
CG Greenidge2140214West Indiesv EnglandLord’s28 Jun 1984
SJ McCabe21319*232Australiav EnglandNottingham10 Jun 1938
Shakib Al Hasan2125*217Bangladeshv New ZealandWellington12 Jan 2017
WR Hammond2100210*Englandv AustraliaLord’s24 Jun 1938
CA Roach2090209West Indiesv EnglandGeorgetown21 Feb 1930
LRPL Taylor20926*235*New Zealandv AustraliaPerth13 Nov 2015
VT Trumper2080208*Australiav South AfricaAdelaide7 Jan 1911
GS Sobers20820*228*West Indiesv PakistanKingston26 Feb 1958
L Hutton2060206Englandv New ZealandThe Oval13 Aug 1949
PA de Silva2060206Sri Lankav BangladeshColombo (PSS)21 Jul 2002
MS Dhoni2060206*Indiav AustraliaChennai22 Feb 2013
MA Agarwal20637*243Indiav BangladeshIndore14 Nov 2019
WH Ponsford2050205*Australiav EnglandThe Oval18 Aug 1934
Aamer Sohail2050205Pakistanv EnglandManchester2 Jul 1992
BC Lara2057*212*West Indiesv AustraliaKingston13 Mar 1999
MJ Clarke20447*251*Australiav IndiaSydney3 Jan 2012
HL Collins2030203Australiav South AfricaJohannesburg12 Nov 1921
RB Kanhai2030203*West Indiesv IndiaEden Gardens31 Dec 1958
PA de Silva2030203*Sri Lankav New ZealandWellington31 Jan 1991
G Kirsten2020202*South Africav ZimbabweHarare7 Sep 2001
BC Lara2020202*West Indiesv AustraliaAdelaide25 Nov 2005
DG Bradman2010201Australiav IndiaAdelaide23 Jan 1948
DG Bradman2000200*Australiav South AfricaBrisbane27 Nov 1931
IVA Richards2000200*West Indiesv EnglandThe Oval12 Aug 1976
GP Thorpe2000200Englandv New ZealandChristchurch13 Mar 2002
GC Smith2000200South Africav BangladeshEast London18 Oct 2002
JB Hobbs19912*211Englandv South AfricaLord’s28 Jun 1924
E Paynter1970197*Englandv South AfricaDurban20 Jan 1939
MP Vaughan1970197Englandv IndiaNottingham8 Aug 2002
ML Hayden197183*380Australiav ZimbabwePerth9 Oct 2003
DS Atkinson19619*215*West Indiesv AustraliaBridgetown14 May 1955
IM Chappell1960196Australiav PakistanAdelaide22 Dec 1972
BC Lara1960196*West Indiesv PakistanMultan19 Nov 2006
C Washbrook1950195Englandv South AfricaJohannesburg27 Dec 1948
Mushtaq Mohammad1956*201Pakistanv New ZealandDunedin7 Feb 1973
V Sehwag1950195Indiav AustraliaMelbourne26 Dec 2003
MS Atapattu1957*202*Sri Lankav ZimbabweBulawayo14 May 2004
BB McCullum1950195New Zealandv Sri LankaChristchurch26 Dec 2014
JO Holder1957*202West Indiesv EnglandBridgetown23 Jan 2019
JH Edrich1940194*Englandv New ZealandLeeds8 Jul 1965
GA Gooch1940194*Englandv IndiaLord’s26 Jul 1990
DG Bradman19256*248*Australiav EnglandMelbourne1 Jan 1937
L Hutton1924*196Englandv West IndiesLord’s24 Jun 1939
W Jaffer1920192*Indiav PakistanEden Gardens30 Nov 2007
C Hill1910191Australiav South AfricaSydney9 Dec 1910
KC Sangakkara19139*230Sri Lankav PakistanLahore6 Mar 2002
V Kohli19163*254Indiav South AfricaPune10 Oct 2019
Zaheer Abbas19025*215Pakistanv IndiaLahore10 Dec 1982
S Dhawan1900190Indiav Sri LankaGalle26 Jul 2017
MJ Slater1890189*Australiav Sri LankaPerth8 Dec 1995
GA Faulkner1880188*South Africav AustraliaMelbourne31 Dec 1910
B Mitchell1881*189South Africav EnglandThe Oval16 Aug 1947
TW Graveney1880188*Englandv West IndiesNottingham4 Jul 1957
WW Hinds1880188*West Indiesv South AfricaGeorgetown31 Mar 2005
JB Hobbs1870187Englandv South AfricaCape Town11 Mar 1910
DL Amiss1870187*Englandv IndiaLord’s20 Jun 1974
ML Hayden1860186*Australiav EnglandBrisbane7 Nov 2002
KC Sangakkara1860186*Sri Lankav ZimbabweBulawayo14 May 2004
TWM Latham1860186*New Zealandv BangladeshChristchurch9 Jan 2022
RW Barber1850185Englandv AustraliaSydney7 Jan 1966
S Dhawan1850185*Indiav AustraliaMohali14 Mar 2013
Inzamam-ul-Haq1840184*Pakistanv IndiaBengaluru24 Mar 2005
CH Gayle1840184*West Indiesv South AfricaSt John’s29 Apr 2005
MJ Clarke18434*218*Australiav South AfricaBrisbane9 Nov 2012
BA Stokes18474*258Englandv South AfricaCape Town2 Jan 2016
JE Root1840184*Englandv South AfricaLord’s6 Jul 2017
A Melville1830183*South Africav EnglandNottingham7 Jun 1947
HH Gibbs1830183South Africav EnglandThe Oval4 Sep 2003
ML Hayden1830183*Australiav ZimbabwePerth9 Oct 2003
C Hill1820182*Australiav EnglandMelbourne29 Jan 1898
DG Bradman18252*234Australiav EnglandSydney13 Dec 1946
AR Morris1820182Australiav EnglandLeeds22 Jul 1948
MC Cowdrey1820182Englandv PakistanThe Oval16 Aug 1962
MP Vaughan1820182*Englandv IndiaThe Oval5 Sep 2002
RG Pollock18128*209South Africav AustraliaCape Town31 Dec 1966
CH Gayle18123*204West Indiesv New ZealandSt George’s28 Jun 2002
JL Langer1810181*Australiav PakistanPerth16 Dec 2004
IR Bell1810181*Englandv IndiaThe Oval18 Aug 2011
MR Marsh1810181*Australiav EnglandPerth14 Dec 2017
LRPL Taylor18119*200New Zealandv BangladeshWellington8 Mar 2019
V Sehwag1800180Indiav West IndiesGros Islet10 Jun 2006
KP Pietersen18022*202Englandv IndiaLord’s21 Jul 2011
Most Runs in a Day in Test Cricket by a Player

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