Mumtaz Begum Pakistan real story

Mumtaz Begum Pakistan real story

Mumtaz Begum Pakistan real story -For the rest of the world, Arjumand Banu’s Mughal empress Mumtaz Mahal sleeps in a mausoleum in Agra that symbolises a lover’s fort. However, Karachi has created its own Mumtaz Mahal, which ironically resides in the city’s zoo, despite the fact that it is not a love temple.

With posters of Mumtaz Mahal, a kitsune [half human, half fox], pasted all over its walls, the little temple-like structure at the zoo blatantly imitates a Mughal fort. Visitors to the zoo are amused by a small creature within the special pavilion that is perched over a table that resembles a cot and has a human face over a fox’s body.

The zoo, which was formerly known as Gandhi Gardens, now houses nearly all of its animals in cages, including chimpanzees, lions, tigers, elephants, stags, and crocodiles, though a caged fox has not yet been spotted. But the term “beloved ornament of the palace,” which is how the name Mumtaz Mahal is translated, most definitely applies to a fox-cum-human.

This fabled figure, which represents a millennium’s worth of beliefs about supernatural entities, promises to be unique yet fascinating. In the zoo, it is after all the sole talking animal. The naked truth is that what appears to be a princess with a bushy tail is actually a dead fox with a man’s head that has been dressed up to look like a woman.

Even though they are aware that it is a trick-oriented presentation, people of all ages find it to be entertaining. Zarish, 17, exclaimed with excitement as she left the pavilion, “When I was younger, we used to get scared.” “It would still be fun and occasionally spooky even if we knew it’s an optical illusion.”

Mumtaz Begum, according to 52-year-old Kamila, never ages. She reminisced lovingly, “It takes me back to all the memories from childhood, we would be spellbound by her performance. “I can still hear Mumtaz’s distinctive voice, along with the bright lipstick and cakey makeup.”


When the’maa-fauq-ul-fitrat’ [supernatural] entered the tiny crypt, she began a tale in which she amusingly remarked that she was being kept in prison despite being from the African savannas and eating the cake, juices, biscuits, and fruits with gusto. Mumtaz also tells fortunes. So a student approached her and inquired about his visa situation, and a worried mother questioned her about her daughter’s proposal.

According to Sajid Husain, the security supervisor at the zoo, actor Adnan Siddiqui once encountered the Mumtaz begum impersonator while he was filming in the zoo.

God granted him the chance to meet her because his driver was so pleased about it. Resham the actress and Sharmila Farooqi the politician are a couple other guests Mumtaz loves to mention.

Behind the Scenes

A 52-year-old actor who has been in numerous films, Rahim Baksh Hero, has played Mumtaz Mahal for a while. He disclosed business information by saying, “It’s simply like a drama. We get ready for it in advance and put on the finest performance when the crowds come.

Murad is in his late 20s and now portrays Mumtaz Begum. Usman, a supervisor, revealed that he resides in the zoo. He gets up at six in the morning to pray and exercise before arriving at the “mahal” about nine, the man added. “He applies his own makeup.” Usman appreciated Murad for using his special gift to support himself.

However, not everyone enjoys this aspect of the zoo. The zoo’s creator, AA Quraishy, declared that it was “despicable and ignoble.” “The optical illusion is created by showmen who are designing it for a living, and undoubtedly it is people with weak morals who admire illusions they are unable to understand.”

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