Nacht Ohne Morgen wikipedia, Wiki, Film

Nacht Ohne Morgen Wikipedia, Wiki, Film

Nacht Ohne Morgen Wikipedia, Wiki, Film – “Nacht ohne Morgen” was screened as a part of “FilmMittwoch im Erste” on July 19, 2023. The famed attorney Jasper Dänert is running out of time in the drama about an old murder case. He wants to solve an unsolved case before he passes away. Unidentified, a 16-year-old boy was discovered deceased in a wooded area. After 20 years, Jasper is now motivated to crack the case in order to bring both the offender and himself to justice.

Is “Night Without Morning” available in the ARD media collection?

If you were unable to watch the drama on television, you’re in luck since “Nacht ohne Morgen” is currently streaming for free in the ARD video library through July 19, 2024.

What is the subject of “Night Without Morning”?

For 18 years, Jasper and Katharina Dänert have been wed. The couple hasn’t actually become closer, and the childless marriage is rather sober. However, Jasper’s impending demise is gradually shattering the ice. Katharina is unaware of what is happening in Jasper, though. He is eager to solve a long-standing homicide. Larissa Brandow, a young police officer, is meant to assist because it was she who discovered the boy’s body when she was a little child. She consents, albeit grudgingly, largely to aid in her trauma recovery. However, the investigation is challenging.

Since then, a lot of time has passed, witnesses have passed away, and recollections have changed. Larissa is becoming more and more eager to solve the mystery. When Jaspers must return to Berlin, Larissa continues on her own and comes across a promising lead.

A quick look at the “Nacht ohne Morgen” cast

  • Goetz George – Jasper Dänert
  • Fritzi Haberlandt-Larissa Brandow
  • Barbara Sukowa – Catherine
  • Jeroen Willems – Christian Farber
  • Moritz Berg – innkeeper
  • Sven Hönig – Detlev Lange
  • Cristin Koenig—sister
  • Ute Lubosch – Marianne Weber
  • Laurens Walter – Dr. hensler
  • Bettina Römer – Viola Graf
  • Gunnar Teuber – Ralf Kessler
  • Tania Carlin – prostitute
  • Dania Emich – Easy girl

Where and when was the movie Night Without Morning shot?

The 2011 drama’s filming took place in March and April. Berlin and Brandenburg served as the filming locations. In Luckenwalde, for instance, St. Joseph’s Church and the vicinity of the train station were used as filming sites.

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