Naledi Boltina Biography, Songs, Wikipedia, Wiki

Naledi Boltina Biography, Songs, Wikipedia, Wiki

Naledi Boltina Biography, Songs, Wikipedia, Wiki -Although the coronavirus pandemic has completely upended the careers of South African artists, Naledi Boltina has found a silver lining amidst the devastation.

On August 22, the singer released her single, African King, which featured Nigerian musician Ice Prince. The Port Elizabeth-born, Port Elizabeth-raised music singer, actress, and producer, 27, presently lives and performs in Nigeria.

Boltina claimed, “I attended a boarding school in Grahamstown and majored in music and acting, so I believe that’s where my love for entertainment started.

Boltina claims that the song’s title was prompted by remarks made by friends and relatives concerning her move to Nigeria in addition to the fact that the song is very dear to her heart. “Everyone has told me that when I get to Lagos, I will meet my Igwe,” Boltina stated.

“Everyone loves this song called African Queen so much. I suggested that we sing a song about kings. She advises you to watch Nollywood films if you are not familiar with the name Igwe. In these flicks, “there is always a king who is called Igwe,” she claimed.

Boltina aspires to write songs from personal experience and views herself as a storyteller in her music. She referred to African King as a “fairytale love story” with an African twist that glorified “black African love.”

From Prince to King

She claimed that working with 2013 BET Award-winning Nigerian artist Ice Prince was done for reasons other than making beautiful songs.

Boltina added, “It’s also an anti-xenophobia song. “I reasoned that working together with my brothers and sisters would be the best way for me to support them and stand by them. Through music, I aim to bring Africa together. Since Naledi was the star of Ice Prince’s 2016 music video Excellency, the two have been pals.

“I was in the studio when I landed in Lagos and told him to pay attention. He had a lot on. I bullied him into paying attention.

She recalled that they had previously collaborated on a recording in 2016. Unfortunately, their producer, Tatenda Terrence Kamera, who created the original score for Netflix’s Blood and Water, suffered a system failure. The artist loved working with the “dedicated, passionate, and talented” Ice Prince despite their busy schedules.

Gracia Nigerian Welcome

Boltina celebrated her song receiving 10,000 plays on Audiomack in a few of days after arriving in Nigeria.

“The combination has produced an audience and a market that I could only hope for. “At the moment, I’m trying to take a breath and simply absorb everything. I’m amazed and in shock.

Naledi acknowledges the role their support has played in keeping her sane during her career in entertainment.

She exhorts other dedicated artists to persevere and keep doing what they enjoy. Eventually, effort does pay off. “I also have a great song collaboration coming up with Skuki Va Va Voom, the song is called Senseless.”

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