Nat Myers Wikipedia, Wiki, Tour, Yellow Peril Song, Album

Nat Myers Wikipedia, Wiki, Tour, Yellow Peril Song, Album

Nat Myers Wikipedia, Wiki, Tour, Yellow Peril Song, Album – Some of America’s earliest musical traditions are being updated by Nat Myers. The poet, a Korean-American, performs front-porch blues and traditional country music. In his own words, he is “a young Asian cat playing old Black music.”

Nat Myers, a poet of Korean descent, publishes a blues record.

Myers has a deep, rich southern accent that sounds like Kentucky bourbon. And listening to him talk immediately transports you to the rural area of Northern Kentucky where he grew up.

He admits, “I’m just kind of a low-down person generally. He composes brand-new, original music and plays slide guitar in an almost century-old fashion. The blues has a deeper meaning for Myers than popular or modern music.

His pursuit of poetry, his first love, served as the beginning of his troubadour career. “The music comes from a different reservoir inside of myself,” he claims.

Myers’ mum is from Korea. She got to know his father, an American soldier in Korea after being enlisted. She immigrated to the country with him, and they set up home in Kentucky, where he was raised.

“I come from a lot of different backgrounds,” Myers claims. Myers claims there is a small Korean population in Northern Kentucky and that his mother made sure he was linked to his culture despite the fact that he doesn’t understand Korean and has never visited the country.

Myers claims to live in what he refers to as “this strange sort of liminal space between everything”; this is a situation that many people experience, especially those who are first-generation Americans but are also estranged from their home country. He became drawn to the blues because of the unique perspective that the position offers.

It’s important to be able to express the experience of feeling like you don’t belong, he says. All intellectual considerations aside, “my own yearning for the blues comes from a deep sense of needing this stuff to keep myself going day to day.”

As the pandemic began, he anticipated animosity towards Asian Americans and thus penned the album’s title track. He recalls, “I was scared because I knew this wasn’t going to be very good for anybody who looks like me.”

Myers was able to express his emotions through the blues. “I look at the old blues and the Delta blues that I really love as this narrative form,” the performer claims. This is my perspective as a person from Kentucky who looks like me and feels included in the conversation.

Myer wants listeners to hear the traditional blues in a fresh way when they listen to his music and to “see it in the same light I do, which is some of the hippest music that is going on right now.”

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