Paloma Navarrete Wikipedia, Wiki, eDad, Autopsia, Canser, Hijos

Paloma Navarrete Wikipedia, Wiki, eDad, Autopsia, Canser, Hijos

Paloma Navarrete Wikipedia, Wiki, eDad, Autopsia, Canser, Hijos -: The well-known medium of Cuarto Milenio, Paloma Navarrete, passed away for reasons that are now unknown. Iker Jiménez laments the passing of one of his most cherished collaborators with Carmen Porter. They were in charge of using social media to notify others of its loss. Navarrete was a regular contributor to the radio show Milenio 3 and then to the television program, where he was one of the most well-liked team members.

Paloma Navarrete Wikipedia, Wiki, eDad, Autopsia, Canser, Hijos
Paloma Navarrete Wikipedia, Wiki, eDad, Autopsia, Canser, Hijos

Since they had been working together for more than 20 years, his demise has dealt the couple a serious blow. Iker and Carmen both wanted to honour women in their own unique ways, with Carmen sending some heartfelt words to her dear friend. “She was certain. Even after death, life lives on. After twenty years of shared adventures, it kills us to see her go, but we know Paloma is peacefully making her journey to the Light. I appreciate it very much. You won’t be missed as much by us. On his Twitter page, the broadcaster remarked, “And the millennials too.

Porter, for his part, wanted to pay special homage to Paloma Navarrete and did not think twice to say a few words in her honour after she left. “I appreciate everything. You are loved always. Go far, Paloma. DEP,” the journalist wrote, feeling extremely distressed and disturbed.

In addition to Iker and Carmen, other coworkers, editors, reporters, and friends of the show who had worked with Paloma for a long period also expressed their sorrow at her passing. Two other television colleagues, Carlos Largo and Diego Maraón, have recalled Paloma and expressed how much they will miss the medium, as well as her “intuition” when speaking with the dead and his unique “way of drawing the invisible.”

One of Paloma’s most prized abilities was her unique capacity for inter-dimensional communication. After the passing of her great-grandmother, with whom she kept in touch after her departure, she made her first contact with this planet. The collaborator had the gift of clairvoyance because a shaman had told her to be able to see into the future.

Navarrete, who was born in Madrid, founded the first Futurology Cabinet in the city. She has studied a wide range of subjects, including numerology, anthropology, chirology, cabalistics, and divination. Along with her involvement in the famed Iker Jiménez programme, Paloma also authored a number of books on obscure phenomena. A great authority in her industry who would be sorely missed by all of her admirers and friends.

A serious setback for the millennial household. Iker Jiménez has announced Paloma Navarrete’s passing on this Friday, July 15. The medium regularly participated in the investigation of paranormal events on the radio programme “Milenio 3,” which Carmen Porter and the Basque communicator broadcast on Cadena SER for 13 years. She made her final appearances on television on “Cuarto Millennio.” Her death’s causes are still a mystery.

“She was certain. Even after death, life lives on. As a result, even though we are sad to see her go after twenty years of shared adventures, we are confident that Paloma is peacefully making her journey to the Light. I appreciate it very much. You will be sorely missed by us. On his official Twitter account, the broadcaster remarked, “And the millennials too. The team of the Cuatro programme has added its sympathies to them.

Carmen Porter repeated the depressing news, saying, “Thank you for everything. We’ll cherish you forever. Go far, Paloma. RIP.” We were frequently left speechless by her insight and her ability to depict the invisible with words. She is the one who is considering amazement right now. A pleasant journey, sweetie.” Diego Maradona made a comment.

“I will always cherish our friendship and your wonderful sense of humour, but most of all I will cherish the amazing affection you have always shown to all of us. Paloma, you will be much missed. wherever you are, take a nap. For this reason, Carlos Largo wrote in his letter, as did Javier Pérez Campos: “Dear Paloma, We will continue to keep you in our thoughts.” I appreciate your light. Sharing so many journeys, so many thoughts, and so many adventures with you has been a privilege. I’m confident that everything up there will continue to amaze you, and that you’ll make those you encounter along the route smile and laugh. The affection of your Knight Errant.

His Direction

Paloma Navarrete’s real interest in the supernatural got its start on a trip to Guatemala, where she met a shaman and spent several years learning from him. She used psychometry, astral projection, and crystal balls to predict the future as she travelled across Central America. Her studies in psychology, astrology, chirology, numerology, kabbalah, mythology, and some anthropology were later finished, and she went on to build the first cabinet of futurology in Madrid.

Her insatiable curiosity for these fields brought her, as a sensitive, into contact with the Hepta Group, which looked into, among other things, the phenomena of the faces of Belmez, the Linares Palace, and the Reina Sofa Museum. She coupled these projects with her writing for the horoscope sections of publications like “Vogue” and “Mujer Hoy,” as well as her participation in programmes with Jiménez del Oso, Jess Hermida, and José Mara igo.

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