PAN Card Correction Form Pdf Download Free – New

PAN Card Correction Form Pdf Download Free – New

PAN Card Correction Form Pdf Download Free – New – In this article, we are going to talk about the PAN Card Correction Form. This article will be helpful to the viewers who were in search of this article. So, read this article fully.

PAN Card Correction Form Pdf Download Free - New
PAN Card Correction Form Pdf Download Free – New

Do you have a name that is not correct on your PAN card? Or is the date of your birth been incorrectly entered? For any correction to be made on your PAN card, you have to fill out the pan card correction form in pdf. If you don’t possess this PAN Correction form for your card and you’re unable to get it, then get it. You can download the PAN Correction Form for your card at the link below. In this post we will also show that you to fill out in the Pan card Correction Form with the help of which you can save money from filling out the form for pan cards from any retailer.

Documents Required for Correction of PAN

The applicant will be obliged to provide additional documentation evidence to support their request for correction or alteration in PAN information such as father’s name, name or date of birth, for instance:

  • Change requests (marginal corrections such as spelling correction, expanding of initials.,) in the applicant’s father’s or applicant’s name must be accompanied by valid evidence of identity that contains the correct information.
  • The request for a change (significant modification) in the name of the father or applicant is required to be substantiated by evidence that contains proof of the change in the name from the previous to the new, in addition to the identity proof. The documents that will be considered as evidence in this instance include:
    • For ladies who have been married Name change due to marriage – wedding certificate or marriage invitation card the announcement of a name change in the gazette’, and a duplicate of the passport showing the husband’s name (or reverse).
    • For individuals not married women Name-changes are published within the Gazette.
    • For businesses the ROC’s certification for name change.
    • For partnership companies Revision of the Partnership Deed
    • Other categories that are registered organisations (AOP/Trust/BOI/AJP and so on. ) – the revised registration/deed/agreement.
    • To Limited Liability Partnership– The Registrar of LLPs certificate to allow name change
  • Correction requests for dates of birth (for people) or the date when they were incorporated (non-individuals) must be supported by documents from a competent authority that contain an accurate date.

The PAN card address update Process

  • for Address Update on PAN card, as stated in Aadhaar Number by clicking the link Address Update
  • Through this link, you can change your address update facility using Aadhaar Based e-KYC
  • This option can be used by users who want to change their address on the PAN database in accordance with Aadhaar.
  • To use the Address Update service, Aadhaar is mandatory and the mobile number or email ID must be registered with Aadhaar.
  • A one-time password (OTP) will be sent to your mobile or email ID, which is linked to your Aadhaar to create an Aadhaar Based E-KYC.
  • Following the creation of the Aadhaar-based electronic KYC, the address provided according to the Aadhaar will be updated in the PAN Database.
  • Following the updating to the email address on PAN Database, after the update of the address in the PAN database, an announcement of this will be sent by email sent to the phone number as well as the email ID provided by the user when making use of this facility.
  • The mobile number and email ID will be added to the PAN database of the Income Tax Department.

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