Paul De Gelder Wikipedia, Wiki, Wife, Injuries, Age, Books, Youtube Story, Quotes

Paul De Gelder Wikipedia, Wiki, Wife, Injuries, Age, Books, Youtube Story, Quotes

Paul De Gelder Wikipedia, Wiki, Wife, Injuries, Age, Books, Youtube Story, Quotes – The animal that bit off Paul de Gelder’s right forearm and leg was a bull shark. The incident happened in Sydney Harbour in February 2009. De Gelder participated in a counterterrorism drill as a diver trained in bomb disposal. When a 9-foot shark bit through de Gelder’s hamstring, he was left “swimming through a pool of (his) own blood.”

He was nearly murdered by a shark. Why is he attempting to save them?

In a video posted by APB Speakers, de Gelder recalls, “I’d basically given up and accepted the fact that I was going to die.”

De Gelder has published a book on the ocean predator that profoundly changed and nearly ended his life this week, around 14 years after the attack. He is solely focused on saving sharks when it comes to them.

De Gelder hopes to raise awareness for a predator that he claims is being “absolutely slaughtered” by overfishing and the shark-fin industry with his book “Shark: Why We Need to Save the World’s Most Misunderstood Predator” (Harper Collins). De Gelder, however, did not become fond of sharks until after he nearly died from one.

“Why don’t we just kill them all?” was my first idea. Explained in the video by de Gelder. “After that, we won’t have to worry about anything and can swim in the water. It would be magnificent.

He was “absolutely terrified” of sharks because he spent his childhood spearfishing in Australia. De Gelder spent some “wild” and “whirlwind” teenage and young adult years before joining the Army as a paratrooper and later joining the Navy as a diver who cleared bombs. His fear of sharks was made worse by the muddy, dark water.

According to de Gelder, when the unthinkable occurred, it was the first attack to take place in Sydney Harbour in 50 years and received a lot of media coverage. The media frequently contacted de Gelder for comment following subsequent shark-related occurrences.

“I had absolutely no idea,” he admitted. “At the risk of coming across as an idiot on television, I began studying. As I learned more, I came to understand how little we should fear sharks and how much they should dread us.

De Gelder, a former military man who parachuted and handled bombs, claimed he “never blamed the shark” that bit him. I chose a risky life, he declared. I cannot opt for that lifestyle and then become angry when something goes wrong.

De Gelder claims that one of his responsibilities while in the military was “to stand up for people who couldn’t stand up for themselves.” De Gelder now spends a lot of time defending sharks and educating people about the dangers they face and the important role they play in maintaining the health of the ocean, frequently in front of the camera.

He frequently appears on Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week,” where he once demonstrated how to hand feed a shark to Ronda Rousey, a current WWE star and former UFC champion. He worked behind the scenes on the film “The Shallows” with actress Blake Lively and served as Will Smith’s “shark diving mentor.”

He recently started snowboarding and is also working on a children’s novel about a kangaroo who loses his tail.

De Gelder added, “Apparently I’ve picked it up really well,” and he made mention of possibly competing in the Paralympics in the future.

It’s just another box to tick, he declared. Hurtling down a snow-covered mountain on a stick, I’m surrounded by cliffs and am unsure of how to halt. It’s quite exciting.

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