Pauline Petszokat Wikipedia, Wiki, Instagram

Pauline Petszokat Wikipedia, Wiki, Instagram

Pauline Petszokat Wikipedia, Wiki, Instagram – For years, Oli P. has fought for his wife Pauline. She no longer has a brain tumor, but she is not yet fully recovered. The couple is currently discussing their experiences. Oli P, alias Oliver Petszokat, is gifted in many areas. He was the 1990s’ leading man. With the “Flugzeuge im Belly” cover of Herbert Grönemeyer, his music rose to fame, and as a GZSZ actor, he quickened the hearts of women. He won the dance competition The Masked Dancer earlier this year dressed as a monkey.

Pauline Petszokat Wikipedia, Wiki, Instagram
Pauline Petszokat Wikipedia, Wiki, Instagram

Oli P., sometimes known as Oliver Petszokat, is a true all-arounder. He won the German ballroom dancing championship in 1995 before breaking through as a vocalist in 1999 with a copy of Grönemeyer’s popular song “Flugzeuge im Bauch.” Later, he began to concentrate more and more on German singles and TV reality shows like Big Brother and Popstars. When he first met professional figure skater Pauline Schubert (36) in 2008, Oli P. was one of the “Stars on Ice” celebrities. They started dating. The attractive competitive athlete had a tumor in her head even back then; it just started to change in 2019 and needed to be removed in 2020. The pair discusses their first encounter, the brain operation, and the wedding on the “NDR Talk Show” (Friday, July 28, 2023 at 10:00 p.m.

How is his wife Pauline doing these days after her cancer surgery?

But who exactly is Oli.P? What is his age? How is his wife Pauline doing now that she has cancer? We present to you the actor and singer in a portrait.

Since 2014, Oliver Petszokat and figure skater Pauline Schubert have been wed. The pair has through a challenging period: His wife had to have a brain tumor the size of a golf ball removed in 2020. Pauline spent 13 years enduring the malignancy. Pauline’s condition wasn’t made widely known for a very long time. She is progressing more in the interim: “We are experiencing a steady upward curve, and we are grateful and happy for that,” Oli.P told the “Bunte” regarding his wife’s condition.

The two performed the song “Little Flashlight Burn” in 2022 while performing in Florian Silbereisen’s production of “Everyone Sings Christmas – The Great Advent Singing 2022”. “At the time, we promised to accomplish it as quickly as it is possible. At the time, Oli.P said, “And the fact that it can be here and now just makes us both happy.”

Son of Oli.P

Ilias Petszokat is the child of Oli.P’s first marriage to Tatiani Katrantzi. He was Dad’s pride and joy when he was born in 1999. Oli.P departed GZSZ towards the end of the 1990s due to Ilias. The singer and actor admitted in a “Bunte” interview that he “wouldn’t take care of it” because he didn’t have a child.

“I thought my life would go on after that,” said Pauline Petszokat.

Pauline Petszokat is accustomed to perseverance and discipline as a competitive athlete: “You’re taught not to show any weakness,” she explains. “You have to experience it. Before the surgery, I believed that I would survive and that my life would resume once more. But I quickly understood that it wouldn’t work out that way. She was eager to return to her previous way of life. Instead, the procedure had a lot of side effects and caused long-lasting complaints: “After the operation, I had neurological issues, such the feeling of a foreign body in my throat, which is a result of the intubation. Since then, I’ve had tinnitus. Seizures and light sensitivity were also present. My body is constantly giving me the wrong messages.

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