Rohit Suchanti and Aishwarya Khare relationship

Rohit Suchanti and Aishwarya Khare relationship

Rohit Suchanti and Aishwarya Khare relationship – One of the most popular television couples, Rohit and Aishwarya, recently made some dirty, mushy comments on Aishwarya’s post.

Rohit Suchanti and Aishwarya Khare relationship
Rohit Suchanti and Aishwarya Khare relationship

Relationship between Rohit Suchanti and Aishwarya Khare

One of the most adored and acclaimed television programs is Zee TV’s Bhagya Lakshmi, which is in the top 10 programs according to the BARC ratings. Under the auspices of Balaji Telefilms, Ekta, and Shobha Kapoor are in charge of producing the program.

Rohit Suchanti and Aishwarya Khare play key roles in the show. Everyone adores their chemistry, and they are regarded as one of the most popular on-screen couples. Fans adore the relationship between Rishi and Lakshmi, who are respectively portrayed by Rohit Suchanti and Aishwarya Khare.

Both frequently post updates about their whereabouts and goings-on on their respective social media accounts. Rohit recently made some fascinating mushy comments on a photo of Aishwarya that she posted on social media, which amazed the followers. The actress posted a picture of herself by herself with the comment, “I am away with the fairies and never returning.”

In response, Rohit asked, “Mujhe hi dekh rahi thi na? and the second one read, “Never coming back? Is that right, Kaun Bachayga? The fans believe that something is developing between them as a result of these words, which have raised some eyebrows.

They are among the most recognizable television couples, according to the fans, and they think there might be something going on. They are definitely lighting up the television with their chemistry, there’s no denying that.

Rohit Suchanti and Aishwarya Khare Latest News

One of the most adored programs on Indian television is Bhagya Lakshmi, which stars Rohit Suchanti and Aishwarya Khare. The first episode of the show was shown on August 3, and a few weeks after that, it entered the top 10 of the TRP chart. Since that time, nobody has turned back. Aishwarya (Lakshmi) and Rohit (Rishi), also known as #RishMi, have endeared themselves to the crowd and become well-known figures. As the show reached this significant milestone, the key actors exclusively expressed their happiness with us.

Rohit Suchanti, who plays Rishi in Bhagya Lakshmi, stated in an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, “I can’t believe it’s been two years since the show debuted on TV, it feels like yesterday. It has been an incredible adventure, and I am positive that I have made some incredible lifelong friends. The entire cast of the show is a blessing; they are all so helpful and cooperative that it occasionally doesn’t feel like work but more like spending time with friends over a period of time. I am appreciative of our fans for helping us become who we are today as well as the entire crew behind the scenes for working relentlessly to ensure that every shot is flawless for our audience.

Aishwarya Khare, who plays Lakshmi in Bhagya Lakshmi, told us during our conversation, “I cannot put into words how thrilled and grateful I am today. The past two years have been filled with a lot of love and emotions, and my journey as Lakshmi has been nothing more than an emotional rollercoaster. This program has shown me so much affection, and I have the best cast of actors who are now not just my co-stars but also my family. Nowadays, it’s difficult to conduct a show and keep the audience amused throughout the week, but with the kind of support we’ve been getting from our supporters, the effort seems to have been worthwhile.

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